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We have become a fearful society. In fact secrecy is a direct by-product of fear. This brings up a couple of very good questions. What is it exactly that we are afraid of? What promotes this fear that seems to permeate our very existence? And lastly why do we need to keep it secret? The answer may surprise you, but the thing we are afraid of is ourselves. Oh you may think about it on many different levels by saying that we act this way to protect our interest, or our freedoms or to assure our survival, but when you boil it all down it comes to this. We are afraid of our own nature. We are afraid that inside each and every human being at the core there is evil. It has been said many ways, that it is in man’s nature to be violent, to error is human, you were born in sin. All of these are saying the same thing, that there is something wrong with you and that left to your own devices you will corrupt, pollute and eventually destroy yourselves and all that is around you. I mean think about it. If we believe that every man woman and child has a devil inside them that may take over at any time and cause us to act in a destructive manner, then who can you trust? Talk about a nightmare, who would want to live in a world like that?

No wonder we have built our society around protecting individual interest. A society based on mistrust and deceit. And it seems as though history agrees with this sentiment. I mean look at what we’ve done to our own world that we live in. Look at the crime the violence the greed. Some of the atrocities in history such as the Holocaust, World War I and II, the massacres in South Africa, aren’t these proofs that we are inherently bad? And yet if you speak to any man woman or child they all say that they want the same things, to be loved, to live in peace and security, and to ultimately be happy. So one must ask why there is this apparent contradiction, this duality in man. What causes people to act in a complete opposite way to how he feels? Well logic dictates that the source of any contradiction is an untruth or lie. The lie in this case being that there is something wrong with you and everyone else. It immediately puts the human race in the posture of fear and a fearful person is not rational. If everyone is in the posture of fear, they are either prepared to fight or to run. Is it any wonder then that we have so many conflicts in the world? Is it any wonder why we have so many secrets?

The truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with you. You are a perfect and complete universal being filled with love at the core. It is so much a part of your being that any action outside of love causes a negative physical reaction that can literally be measured. Think about it anger, hate, jealousy, fear, all elevate your heart rate, tense your muscles, tightens your jaw, and knots your stomach. It’s so predictable, that science has developed machines such as a polygraph (lie detector) machines that will show a physical and neurological aberration when we speak an untruth. What does that tell you about your true nature? The truth is that no one does anything inappropriate given their understanding of their situation. I’ll repeat NO ONE does ANYTHING INAPPROPRIATE given THEIR understanding of the world. People lie because at the core they feel they have to. They steal, cheat, murder because they feel they have to from their perspective. You see from your perspective you don’t do anything inappropriate given your model and understanding of the world and your particular set of circumstances.

Take smoking for example, many smokers today know that smoking will harm their bodies and eventually kill them if carried on, and yet they choose to smoke. In that choice they have weighed the consequences and concluded that perhaps their temporary enjoyment is a worth a few years from their life. In the instant that the smoker makes that choice, it is no longer inappropriate for him/her to smoke from his/her perspective, whereas another person may choose not to for their own reason. Conflicts arise then when we do not understand the others model of the world. This is one of the main reasons that our current system is not working. It is impossible to make any lasting change through legislation or laws, since people will do what they feel is appropriate despite the laws. And when someone operates outside of the law we put them in prisons, rather than trying to understand and if appropriate educate to help change the persons understanding of the world or perhaps change ours. But currently conflicts are compounded when similar groups band together and claim that their perception of the world is the only appropriate view to have and then try to force others to accept THEIR view of the world. This is the main reason for EVERY conflict in the world, a lack of understanding. This arises from another lie.

© Bob Wright 2012

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