Thursday, January 19, 2012



Throughout history the idea of good versus evil is one of the most central ideas behind human thought. No one can argue that the light vs dark, good vs evil is one of the most central themes around every human drama. In the movies the good guys where white and the bad guys dress in black. We see everything as being either black or white, and this idea is a complete lie. You may argue that some of the atrocities happening in the world can't be labelled anything else but evil. You may say, “Are you telling me that child molesters, rapists, murderers and predators aren't evil?” And yes that is exactly what I'm saying. Oh yes their behaviours are inappropriate in that they do no produce the desired result mankind collectively says they want, which is peace and harmony. But again, no one does anything inappropriate given their understanding of the world. Calling them evil is a judgement based on a moral code that obviously differs from yours. But most human moral codes are based on our current belief systems which I have previously stated are based on lies. Allow me to explain. 

The universe operates on specific laws, and there is no judgement in the universe. There is only that which works and that which does not work considering what the desired result is. To illustrate this, imagine if you were on a road trip from New York to Los-Angeles. You have taken time to carefully map out your journey carefully marking all the sites you would like to see along the way. You've spent many months saving and planning for this trip and feel quite confident that you have covered all bases. While you're travelling you stop at a local truck stop, where you meet a man who has travelled across the country many times. He informs you that you are heading in the wrong direction, that the route you are currently taking will lead you south and not to your desired destination. Since you have spent so much time in your preparation and were so certain of yourself as to your direction, you are sceptical at first of what the man is saying. But then he takes out a map and to your surprise, shows you exactly the road number and outlines exactly how it leads you south and not west. 

Now how ridiculous would it sound if I said that you were evil because you were on the wrong road? Of course your not evil, it's just that your current direction will never get you to where you say you want to go, and a course correction is needed. That's exactly what I mean to say. Evil is a judgement and the universe has no judgement. In the universe there is no such thing as evil, literally. Again there is literally no such thing as evil. Evil is a word that we have used to describe a lack of something, the same way we have used the word 'cold' to describe a lack of heat. You see there is no such thing as cold. You may argue on a cold winter morning and say,” Oh yes there is! I’ve been out in the cold I know what it feels like.” But what you are feeling isn't cold, what you are feeling is a lack of heat. You see when you remove heat from something what is left feels cold. But what happens when you remove all of the heat? When you remove all of the heat, you reach absolute 0. It can't get any colder. 

You see if cold were a thing, you could just add more cold and it would get colder. But since cold doesn't really exist, once all the heat is gone, you can't go anywhere from there. Heat on the other hand is something the universe is abundant in namely energy. There is no limit to how hot something can get, you simply add more heat. Do you see? Evil is a word that we have used to describe a lack of something, and that something is love. Therefore there is no such THING as evil, there is only love. Love is the real thing that has no limit. Evil is a word we have used to describe a lack of love. That is why love is at the core of every human being, because you cannot be filled with something that does not exist. All there is is love. It quite literally is the only thing that's real. Psychologically most child molesters would never willing hurt a child. In their minds they love the children who they are ultimately causing pain. There is a contradiction and again at the core of every contradiction there is an untruth. The untruth in this case may be related to trauma or pain in the person's experience that negatively shaped their view and understanding of the world and what love is. 

Punishing the person as evil will never change the behaviour. The loving thing to do would be to try to understand that persons perception of the world, and try to educate and change that understanding based on what is true. Which by default means journeying within the persons psyche to discover the lie that altered his perception? The cure for anything that we would consider evil is to simply add more love. Therefore love your enemies and those who revile you.  

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