Sunday, April 12, 2015


With each thread of hidden information we seek there needs to be an intuitive intent to allow the stream of information to enter our conscious mind and fuel the fire of awareness. Opening our mind to allow the by-products of past obsolete data to unhinge itself and flow out into the ether where it came. The seeds of ideas and thoughts within the construct of the mind don't necessarily originate within the mind. Evolving within a multi-dimensional framework has its draw backs. The current establishment have colluded with higher realms to keep those who they marginalise within certain boundaries of understanding for their specific purpose to their needs. 

The Military Industrial Complex has waged war on the collective mind of their serfs. Creating controlling mechanisms which uses perplexing protocols to diffuse most dissent within the masses. Through the current Industrial Revolution, the hidden intent of their power has played a pivotal role allowing them to create a huge military presence on this planet. Many western democratic nations are merely war machines disguised as functional societies usurping individual needs for a long term outcome into some form of domination of the individual and the society in which they are connected. 

When one begins the arduous journey of awareness in our current reality, there are important and necessary procedures to implement within ones own life to protect themselves from information overload. We have all the tools to begin the journey of discovery but how do we keep on our set path to awakening our own destiny, our own part in this theatre of death and destruction playing out right in front of us. We must look at the target of this current destructive paradigm, and those of us who have reference points of support usually will know what they are looking for. Regardless of those perpetuating machinations within the system such as science and religion, we need to expand our own consciousness from the understanding of our own ancestral line. 

The tattered threads of our forefathers lie in ruins from the barbaric onslaught of lies and deception which has infiltrated our collective understanding, by a small group of individuals who are privy to important evolutionary knowledge which has been stolen from all of us within the period of ten generations. Whether this be through creativity or historic events used to map out a new quasi-historical timeline to suit these treacherous rulers of our time. We must therefore free ourselves from the bonds of illusion and fantasy used to divert us away from the truth of historical fact rather than the complicit lies which make up history today. We must individually strive to disconnect from this brutal illusion to help feed back into the collective mind, components which have been extracted through deceptive means. 

The most vicious of these deceptions have been perpetuated on the family structure. Today more than ever, a ravaging assault is being thrusted into our living rooms via the television. Now we have a global mainstream media coveting the sacred and divine treatise we adhere to within the constructs of this family structure. This antithesis against a balanced and harmonious life on earth is spreading like cancer. Whilst in the post-modern era held the genocidal attack of the indigenous/tribal populations of the planet, this new epoch is incarcerating the cultural backbone of all nations. While the previous used white civilisations who were crazed with empirical domination to subjugate those who were deemed barbaric. 

Is it true to say the global population have been manipulated in carrying out atrocities on our own brothers and sisters for the sake of this misguided agenda. Dividing and conquering us like sheep, bleeding our collective compassionate and empathic nature and making us responsible for the  heinous acts which are being committed against us. We are rapidly becoming less of what we use to be. Our global historical heritage is being destroyed by gangs bought, paid and trained by the Global Banking/Military Industrial Complex. Is it sufficed to say that whoever or whatever is working through these people whether it be alien or demonic forces are militarily ensconced regardless of what dimension they reside in. For when the human mind takes responsibility for these covert and insidious concepts injected into our collective imagination, those of us who are susceptible to these irrational behavioural patterns have nothing more to look forward to than narcissism and psychopathy.  Two devastating perplexities which disconnect us form our humanity towards each other. 

If your true perpetrator coalesces humanity for the destruction of humanity using and manipulating our organic technology because of their genetic superiority, do we have a chance of survival in this battle or do we merely succumb to this hidden power.  With the injection of transhumanism into our collective mind, trillions of dollars are being spent by multinational corporations each year to make sure this fantasy based inevitability becomes a reality in which we can't avoid. The period we are in which is known as the Kali Yuga seems to indicate that this phenomenon needs to play itself out before we can do anything about it. Humanity needs to bind this unseen force internally and understand its intent before being able to act upon it. 

Those of us who have suffered great traumas in childhood, who have been broken in some way or another and have found great strength within are being called upon to show immense compassion and empathy for fellow earthlings. Drawing upon supranatural internal forces cultivated in decades of rebuilding and reconstruction of their lives, these are the warriors of this new epoch. Those who have allowed themselves the daunting task of taking on this beast are exponentially broadening their minds while ingesting huge bundles of data connected to this potential threat to humanity will be the new minds who will construct collectively new societies and communal structures infused by this new understanding and awareness to strengthen our connections to mother earth and regain control of balance and harmony with the earth. Those who have allowed themselves to enter into the negligence of what makes them human and feed this mediocre illusion of materialism will perish into the void from where it came. The great cities of democracy will become ghost towns and implode by all the 'ism's'  with which they were created. 

If we had a true understanding of what it is to be human we could truly understand that we are allowing this subjugation in order for it to never happen again. For being human is to understanding our true power. The ability to take on universal quests of system busting, and collectively we have come to this moment in time when this archaic draconian slavery system needs to busted wide open, once and for all. Those who are tirelessly at this quest 24/7 are creating or even re-creating a force, a universal force which lies dormant in all of us ready to be re-activated at this the opportune time. For we never die, we merely transition  ourselves to the next part of our collect universal journey. We are immortal in the sense of our intrinsic ability to go where we are needed. So here we are....... another time another place, and those who seek to try and stop us will perish into the well of mediocrity, because there is no place for that where we come from. 

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2015