Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sitting aside a young man today, I saw how his mind was so distorted with the problems of life and society that his will to create any solutions had gone long ago. Not only has he taken on the disturbance of his heritage, his family dysfunction, his family's abusive behavioural patterns, but also his families death wish. We talked about creativity, our potential and our momentary confrontation with our destiny. He had a shutdown mechanism for all of his potential, not just sporadic dilemmas which circulated in his problematic continuum. His family had dumped all their shit on this unsuspecting soul. Not even giving him a chance to explore his own mind. 

For every creative spark this child gave his parents, there was an overwhelming reaction to the  trauma they had suffered and not taken responsibility for. Because of that irresponsibility, the parents then buried the childs potential in the tragedy they had suffered. He cared more for their problems than he did for his potential and creativity. Yet the dilemma kept on repeating itself through the actions of the child to replicate in the only way he knew how. On what was being played out within the family dynamic, not seeing anyone take control of their sadness and transcending it. Showing the child that this is all there is and nothing else is achievable. 

He wasn't looking for empathy or compassion. He never saw these useful tools being used in his realm. He was looking to be incarcerated in his own mind. Locked away from love and all its benefits. Most people would say that this is his lot in life and needs to learn from what had transpired. I beg to differ. Isolated people without access to empathy and compassion will withdraw completely into their unconscious mind. Losing themselves in fantasy and creating a world within the constructs of the mind which will kill them quicker. 

So where does the child place their traumatic memories when reaching adulthood? 

Most trauma will settle into a deep subconscious level, affecting the conscious mind erratically, and creating disturbances in all aspects of their human interaction. As the individual ages the unresolved trauma will overtake all rational personas created within the mind. This systemic abuse within the home earlier on in a childs life will either make or break the child. Most often, those who overcome such trauma will spend most of their adult lives extricating these traumas from the sub-conscious to the conscious so they can be dealt with. Often to no avail. Only because a process of eliminating these distortions has not been recognised, or put in place. 

The mind is a trickster at the best of times. It portrays many illusions of connecting with others in deep and significant ways. But it is momentary, and cannot be replicated due to the cycles of trauma we experience. Once we identify the process of elimination, stripping out minds of the indoctrination of others and peeling the layers to the self, we may be to old or dis-eased to enjoy this freedom. Within tribal societies these mechanisms were built in. But with western civilisation, it seems that there is so many integral parts of this process missing, it deems quite logical to say that they are left out for a reason. A lack of vital information increases our chances to fall prey for those who have it. But hey, these societies are created on 'PREDATION'. We are, as a collective species endangering ourselves with a lack of imagination. Individual imagining is an essential part to the collective. It frees the mind, allowing abstract thought to flourish and interact with the distortion buried within. It gives our creative juices time to intermingle with a reality in which we can be our true selves. 

So as we prepare to enter the universal mind, we must allow our imagining to increase to its fullest potential. We must offer our individual imagination to synthesise and integrate with the collective imagining. Only then will we as a divine species inherently manifest our collective destiny. It was not available to us all until now, we know this. Our mandate must be recognised and fulfilled. This is not how humanity is supposed to interact with the earth. For those who have predated on those whose only wish was to live in harmony with the planet, your time is up. We have not witnessed a surge of organic technologies which exist within the collective psyche interact with those who oppose it. What is to come will be miraculous. It is time to take responsibility for what we imagine. We are co-creators with Mother Earth, to turn our world into a world free of FEAR. Create with all, and in that creation the real destiny of Humanity will show itself. It has no choice. 


© Copyright David O'Brien 2012