Time is running out in this 3D realm of imbalance;
As Power and Greed stumble through their last performance;
Society, Western Civilization, the entire World will choose to swallow the red pill;
Descending down the rabbit hole to see reality...the TRUTH of humanity...revealed;
Then the end days of darkness will soon dawn; 
Calling the game of the 1% over...withdrawn;
Each day, the awakened are growing in number;
As the sleeping are awakening from their dream of deep slumber;
It is the now moment to vibrate Pure Love;
I AM WHO I AM ALL THAT IS below as above;
We will no longer be lost; 
We are ONE conscious...ness;
Vibrating energetic frequencies of ALL THAT IS Divine;
As it is our destiny, our right as human beings to SHINE;

©Tiff Archer 2014


You introduced me to myself, what you are is a mirror.
Confronting me with the pieces I attempted to resemble.
A million poetic reflections passed through lifeless thoughts.
Resuscitating blind reasons, leaving behind my egotistic eyes.
In a pitiful hole of self indulgence and narcissism. Stagnating.
This makes me feel so alive, and totally devoid of hatred.

If I am somebody that you used to know, then how do you not see yourself?
We are but a mirrored image, the damage left in our wake leaves not one doubt.
There is proof in every micro gesture we never show, signifying a conceited reality.
The simplicity in our paradoxical ignorance encapsulates the conscience of the shallow.
In this bliss I give away a fundamental dissonance, connecting me to disintegrate.
Cold silences that have the intention to atrophy any formation of sufferance.

The lights that fuelled our passion have burned a hole between us. Smouldering.  
I barely remember who or what came before those familiar illusions of pain once felt.
Warping and weaving around each new experience, I now recognize my own mortality.
Choosing to be here embracing these humbling fractions of consciousness. Advertently.
Mindful and completely animated, breathing back penetrating breaths of eternal sanity.
This changes everything, except the motionless air asphyxiating our tumultuous past.

For pure insecure delusions, have set two star crossed lovers perplex souls in motion.
I tried to help you dissolve jaded moments into beautifully complex emotional states.
By blending a subtle balance of pleasure and pain, in a bitter sweet compilation.
But nothing seemed to satisfy our desensitized feelings, synchronizing futility.
How can love mean anything, when I have felt nothing outside my own ego?
An unconditional revelation within days passed, I now drown in awareness.

Something had to change inside the constant denial of my dilemma.
Identifying this facade, showing me an artificial existence I had created.  
Swallowing divinity into the ground like some perpetually ascending gravity.
Slipping back and fourth between the tiny gaps in our subterfuge of deception.
Opening up the floodgates of truth, outside a realm beyond our own being.
Fault lines falling across the over stimulation of my heart, flaws in beauty.

But I would not want it any other way, the poetry that follows is worth it.
Recalling all of the times I was consumed by selfish desires, an egomaniac.
Narcissistic tirades saturated in self centred tears, drifting over like a storm.  
Fading away in days touched by consideration, I still feel you changing me.
And as the walls come crashing down like waves, my fears begin to drain.
I am at peace in this emptiness, crucifying negative doubts of cynicism.

How can I hold a grudge, when all you have done is show me myself?
There is no escaping, this coexistence is not the place I believed it to be.
Thinking the future would deliver us, but the truth has punished me instead.
Soon an acceptance will rise up, cleansing and purging pent up bitter feelings.
But before I forgive you, I must forgive myself, then I can forgive us both.
Absolving our sins in the purest waters of compassion and sanctification.

We are forgiven.

© Copyright Anthony Debs 2012

How am I gonna play the sound 

Of the music you cant hear
How am I gonna make you see
When your vision isn't clear
How you gonna understand
What your mind cant contemplate
How you gonna see the love
When all they teach is hate

Cuz your a slave in cuffs n chains

And you thought you were free
So you better open up your eyes
And by that I mean all three
And question everything they say
And read between the lines
Cuz if there aint no fucking victim
Then there aint no fucking crime

You are not the house your in

Or the fancy clothes you wear
Your not the color of your skin
Or the scars n pain you bear
You are perfect sublime supreme
So dont believe the lie
If God had only but one son 
Then who the fuck am I

© Bob Wright 2012


Burning tongues purge lies 
hovering like translucent apparitions of sincerity, 
these antagonizing reflections are entwined
around a spectrum of negative emotional situations.
Enveloped by a mournful despair of seething regrets,
mistakes and heartache. 

My nihilistic consciousness
washes over this fraudulent discomfort 
like transparent shrouds of distrust,
worn as a mask of false apathy.
An indifferent friendship
between fake and genuine
is made suspiciously apparent,
once these unrealistic boundaries
are separated from worthless
honesty and pretentious flattery.

Entangled branches of paranoia
sprout from fragile delusions
within the apex of my thoughts.

Over analyzation creates afflictions
that drain obscurity into these moments.
This maelstrom of malcontent leaves
the scent of abhorrence,
which lingers throughout the incandescence
of the dead night air.

Outside the mood is sterile and immune
to spasmodic intentions that corrupt percipience,
however inside the frames of my mind
contentious hostilities wage an internecine
war of notions encompassing a path
of pure self destruction,
that fatally lacerates these
immaculate misconceptions.

Beneath the layers of my conscience
a ubiquitous addiction stains subsistence.
Inhalation of this social poison leaves
an infection that is incontrovertibly virulent and sharp.

Perfectly animated breaths taken
upon vaporous ice cold shards,
gravitates the dilated blackening
pools of emotionless indulgence within my eyes.

Endorphins skitter away violently
as rushes of grandeur penetrate my hollow soul.

Once the sun begins to smolder away,
fading somewhere behind the cracks in the horizon,
I remain in limbo floating precariously
throughout these fractured seasons of oblivion.

My eyes are flickering away from this chromatic disorder,
I have been conscious for less than a timeless imperfection,
slowly sifting though the numbing warmth
for fragments of prevalent substance.

Reverberating sounds shatter the echoing voices
of these passing intervals,
a revolution of hours has shadowed
the circumference outside these broken
clock faces several times.
Days become a shapeless existence,
as night follows meticulously to clear a path
of doubt for the inevitably fated dawn,
the lemon yellow sun rays greet me,
kissing the alabaster hue washing over my pale face.

© Anthony Debs 2011

by James Reivers

once we all could see
how the world works and what could be
now we are confused and lost t
errified and concerned about nothing but cost
seek the truth and u will find
its all there between the lines
the papers radio news on tv
mostly propaganda is what i see
get ur hands on some underground dvds
only education the truth can set u free
look up the esoteric agenda and david icke
lots of verifiable facts u will surely like
keep an open mind don't get stuck in a box
never stop asking questions don't let ur mind rot
this basic instinct is all we got
our water treatment plants now pump in fluoride
a mind control drug used 4 Hitler's genocide
now why is it that the world forgets?
because most of them are tuned into their tv sets
moulded trained blinded and confused
the people of this world most have been abused
don't have faith with government do not submit do not comply
all this does is reinforce their lies
surely this poem will cop some flack
from top dogs and high rollers its just an act
scared the people will take back
their rightful possession's 4 white and 4 black
all it will take to win this fight
the people of this world must unite
and form the biggest army ever seen
to fight 4 tru freedom it has never been  
now we must never fire a shot
at our common man surely not
however their are some with a certain agenda
deluded twisted sicko's simple animals is what they think of ya
they are the minority the one world government
speaking out against these people man I'm loving it
they have dug a hole so vast and deep
with all the worlds secrets in which 2 keep
over the edge we need 2 peep
who we are is what we seek
we already knew we are the meek
now that hole is empty and bare
evil looks at it and gets scared
the secrets out a common man shouts
all will know what we are about
the work is done we have the clout
irrefutable evidence is there we must
open the door and show them the way out  
all who choose not 2 be liberated
will suffer alone consumed with self hatred
they think the path to freedom is security gated
as I've pointed out they suffer delusions
the minions of evil dwell in confusion
to the extreme that they believe their own illusion
knowledge is growing no problems only solutions
the pages in our history book are infected
get ur decoder working and propaganda will be rejected
this concept from u is now requested
i will show u how i did this
i hide nothing in the bottom of the abyss
my entire life will be an open book
just be strong if u take a look
by now u may have an idea of the picture i hold in my head
no blind faith investigate everything I've said
before you start their are some steps* u must take
i will show u the path so you to can be great
remember question everything are you sure its not fake
if u think all this is to "out there"
remember Christ the truth is to hard to bare
the truth the facts reality is all i can share
so that every one can become self aware
it will be a long hard road but we will lead u there
if you know you have god given authority you will not be scared
were it leads us 2 any price is fair
the destination no where else compares
just a little about when i was 8 years young
a big mean teacher picked on me just for fun
i realize now that was a tool
he got a kick out of it he thought he was cool
god can use even a simple fool
now not 1 word,idea or thought process
power over most things god possesses
he trusts the minds of his perfect creations
with him we must build a half decent relation
tune in to his tv station  
we must all realize what we are facing
along the path of freedom we are now racing
get your mind in full mode and break the code............
it has now been several days of relaxed meditation since
I've put pen to paper



there is one god
there are many gods
everything is god as we are all gods/goddesses


now myself being the poet of this work i have my interpretations of this work feel free to make of it what u will as poetry can mean differently based on the individual reading it

3......mother earth sister moon father sky  
3......father the son and the holy spirit  
3......past present future  
3......forgiveness - happiness-love  
3......equality- respect-love there- now  
3.....who when why what where  
3.....the good the bad and the ugly  

how many other things in 3 can u list???
is 3 the magic number???
take a look around, see what has been found, look under ground!!!

© James Reivers 2011


You have taken a year that I will never get back,

by playing a game which made my life a misery.
But you won't ever learn until you feel this pain,
it's strange how I've seen your fake perspectives.

Swallowing the insincerity of your hollow friends,

tomorrow is just another day they have weaved.
Consumed by the popularity they hoped to gain,
vultures thrive off false praise and cheap smiles.

But when was it ever about them taking my side? 

no one can take a moment to feel what I've felt.
Everyone needs to say their meaningless piece,
their burning tongues won't give away harmony.

Convince me you're not who I thought you were,

now you've become a best friends worst enemy.
Choking on half baked words and inane flattery,
your world may be delicate but it's still very cold.

Go ahead and say what I've seen upon your lips,

spit some venom after you speak of the flames.
Let the fires of your hatred engulf these words,
you've always burned from the heat of my ways.

Purely vindictive when my ego has been scared,

the fleeting days remind me of how I've changed.
In a world of shallow eyes I just want to be real,
but my hands are tied and this heart's so heavy.

I've portrayed the victim whilst being a suspect,

at least I have the integrity to confess this guilt.
Can't you see that I need a breath of fresh air?
to digest these lies you keep trying to feed me.

I won't turn my back from anything I have done,

I'm still very proud of even my biggest mistakes.
If I didn't make them I wouldn't stand here now,
I guess suffering is the golden path to my virtue.  

I kept my head in tune with the beat of my heart,

I'm proud of who I am there is no changing that.
But this ironic sarcasm isn't my disguise for spite,
there just my opinions of these unspoken truths.

Hanging on to "how it used to be" and for what?

nostalgia is a broken record and I hate it's song.
If a memory is all you have then really it's vanity,
the days have passed and it's time we moved on.

Time has faded and I have changed perceptions,

I've let go of you so I can hold on to truer things.
Goodbye is so empty when you know it's forever,
now we are nothing more than dead end friends.

© Anthony Debs 2011


She hides, not within my words, but within me

I could cry a billion tears for she has been hidden
From our reckless hearts. Oh Mother, thy sacredness
Has been kept safe within my heart, within my mind
You left a candle burning from the edge of time.
Now the dance begins, the primal, the blood of earth.

Man forms himself with broken images of the divine

His polymorphic veils hide the weak and slowly dying
I contemplate this madness, infusing it with innocence
In my life, my Sophianic life, death seems more pleasant
Now, than it has ever been. No more screaming, crying
No more sacrifice to hidden deities of lust and lustre.

The mirror is reflecting the sacredness of natures bliss

I will miss the quaint contusions of hiding in the dark
Waiting to be found in the isolation of the illuminated soul.
I will miss the benevolent concoctions firing up my soul.
For she hides no more from my wanton exasperations
Now my search is over, now I must prepare to breathe.

I am satiated with the mystical reverence I find in thee,

Now, even more, I am humble of the earths divine milk.
It nurtures me in giving the knowledge of which I seek.
The meek will abolish the reptilian mind into the ether
As it stagnates the human creative metaphor to evolve.
So I watch with distorted vision, the treacherous attack.

The bold and the wise have been infiltrated by treachery

Their deaths are forgotten the moment they are separated
From earth into caskets of wood coated with synthetic lacquer
They will forever be separated from the divine mother soul,
Their tormented souls will burn in the hell they helped to create
Their rotting corpses will spoil the earths sacred underbelly.

So, Mother, now we have found each other, stay within me,

Give me the strength, the understanding, the knowledge to be
A seer for truth and justice, a man with an enviable purpose
As I lay buried within your fertile soil, my words will free the soul
Giving each a glimpse of the wonderment you meant to my life
Giving each the knowledge to free themselves of this treachery.

Beautiful Sophia, as my words linger in the ears of the new warriors

Burn within their hearts to forge ahead and rid them of this madness
Burn a new fire, which tantalises and strengthens us to be brave
Walk in the darkness of spirit, the light will surely find your heartbeat
Offer hymns and prayers of sanctity in rejoice that we are together
Take us to the true Godhead, so we both find the original Eden.


© David O'Brien 2011


I am the Eagle flying high above you!

I look at all the pain covering your souls
I look where you have been, the blood stained hills
Covering the gracious Mother.
You have knit a shroud Out loud,
You vomit beneath your fluoridated breath  
Another hidden anguish of the trash you swallow.
Another barrage of extraneous subterfuge to decipher

I am the Eagle flying high above you!

Watching all those wounded crowns crack
Fall to the ground, beg forgiveness if you can.
I see the misdeeds you carry in your minds
I plead with all the Gods to keep you safe
From your deceptive reverence, your altered vision.
Your alters are black, stained with ubiquitous delusion.

I am the Eagle flying high above you!

I am mad as your hell.
I smell your fear here
Above the clouds, as you whisper out loud, your sins
Your lazy walks in the Sacred Gardens of Limbo
I see you prepare to bring me to my death
With your guns which puncture heavens gate
Where you will wait for eternity to enter here.

I am the Eagle flying high above you!

Envious of you, because you have access to the true garden  
Where demonic ghosts will perish in the Never Never
And you are following them. There is no real need.
The Greedy, the Gullible, the Gaunt, the Ghastly
Will vanish under the Gnostic trepidation
As our Mother Sophia is set free of all her chains.

I am the Eagle flying high above you!

You remain the same when parted from fear
You become a playful child, free of suicide
Opening wide to the beauty of who you reflect
You are dancing in the atomic playground of light
The fight has disappeared from the list of intent.
The bent, broken, battered will finally find time to heal.
I am the Eagle flying high above you!
Signaling you that the enemy has retreated  
You have defeated the illusion of chaotic fear
The queer and distorted have fled to hell
A scent of Love blankets our war torn minds
There will be no more of mediocrities blandness
There will be no more lies from the old and the wise.

I am the Eagle flying high above you!

I see all demagogues trying to infuse the soul
I see their minions when urgency has failed
I see an ageless war coming to an end
I see the scribes and poets commenting on you
I see a new library, a gift from our imagination
For reuniting in co creation the child who fled to create.

I am the Eagle flying high above you!

MY wisdom takes me into a new uncharted air
I see all sacredness humans have grieved for
I see perpetual sanctity for a thousand years
I see all of your fears perish in this new wisdom
I see the Children of Light finally reaching their end
Of a journey no other creature would DARE to own.

© David O'Brien 2011


The fall to earth left me looking for you,

Again, in new dimensions with millions of souls.
Masquerading in flesh and bones.This time,
There were moments when I thought you weren't here
In the anticipation of finding you,I never gave up
In moments when sacredness abandoned me
When Godless, stood upon the hill looking down
Pointing to where you had been, a trail of gossamer
This divine intervention by angelic hierarchical souls
Churning the Love vibration into dense matter
Feeding me with your smell.
It lingers still, that smell, intoxicating me

Craving me to commit myself for Loves purpose,

Craving the obsession to transmute into passion
Craving the passion to transmute into love.
Craving the love to transmute into you.
Craving you to transmute into me
Craving me to worship the Goddess.

To you, we dream the same

Wear our love clothes the same
The same about our trip to heaven
To you, my kisses cradle your fears
Until we are free to fly from this sadness
To give this madness a home is not important.
Fly round the clouds with me sprinkling gossamer
Create rainbows together, offer love as we go
Circle the moon in the tune of heavenly Love
I feel you inside out, The way you give me you.
One In a sea of tranquility, waiting for me to lie quietly,
STILL I can’t not let you breathe, inhale love, exhale love.

Then I will dance to your renaissance, with my wings.

To the moon, I offer the reflection of man in love,
So the universe may experience my pureness.
As Goddess, you teach. Your insistency to glow.
With me, shining Collapsing in blissful momentum.
Background Goddess sings utmost praises to you.
The blue moon has been talking to me about you.

The moon said: “When you touch this woman

Give her the strength and protection she needs
As a man, dust her wings, soak them in lavender
She needs to fly into a world where she will be free
Let her weave her love through every molecule.
Let her breathe so she can inhale deeply,Bliss
Then kiss, with heavenly intent, her silken lips
I tremble, Goddess in love with mortal man.
I glance, you glance. Romance is seeping through
Carpeting the ground with the temperament of love.
No one comes close to this torrentially quiet love of ours
They bow, we bow, sublime divinity dancing in our hearts
Guiding our footsteps to the real Garden of Eden.

© David O'Brien 2011


Pull the bullion out of the vaults.

Bathe the people in liquid sunshine
Disintegrate this unevolved synthesis.
Take us into the woods to metamorphosize.
Where the old and the wise sit together
In thought, in retrospect of their children.
They suffer only the need to infuse.
Introducing yourself to yourself, omnipotently.
Who thwarts with publicity, the egomaniac!
Who hinders the establishment, Penetrating!
Exonerating in the midst of psychic oppression.
A message in cohesive deliberation, by relinquishing.
As I let go of this subliminal castration, underwhelmed!
I overstate my importance for the very first time.
With an extended rite to judge with third eye open
A frontier left much alone. FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION!

Scratching like ghosts, nibbling on the roots of time,

This indignation gathers momentum frenetically.
Spurts of true freedom are coming into my vicinity
In shapes of ballistic hallucinations, jackknifing.
As significant as you are, you are captured In the field of light.
You are tainted with implication,
You pray too close to a god who fails you.
An incandescent deity, fumbling in the upper dimensions
Trying to understand your humaneness.
You are naked in the vortex.
Consummating your reality
Enhancing your awareness as you encumber the infinite.  
Disseminating emotional myths, corrupting naivety.
Embellishing in a ridiculousness, certain futility.

I give into my perception, I give into my awareness.

I surrender with the exception that I do this my way.
I create my totalitarianism, I design my own fate.
I will wait till the witching hour, then let you evaporate.
I do not deny the thought that I may be Gods lover,
I deny the thought that man has sold his soul forever.
I buy into the premonition that if Love has encapsulated me
I will live here on this plane as one who is unconditional.

Moments sparkle in the moonlit corridor, as the breeze

Filters the anguish and intent of man through the forest.
Where life is being glorified to the extent of miraculous
Where sanctification drifts pass you in every micron of AIR.
But where are you while this is going on?
You are searching for LOVE.
You are almost there!

© David O'Brien 2011


Splintered nights erupting in the tumult of sadness I’ve never known before.

Never grown into the man he wanted to be, his eyes are broken like his heart.
Cold is the touch of his grief. Yet I am a part of him, this ominousness prevails.
I wear his shallow love when I am around, trying to tear me to shreds quietly
He embroils me in his inadequacies; he is fallen down the well of unconcern.
We are bound to this excursion into pain, leaping insanely from edge to edge.
Holding on to each others memories until their hold relinquishes their mercy.

Though his deaths have been many, in the days when pain whispered him to sleep.

I am in the garden when he comes to visit, sits by my side seething surreptitiously,
His envy is dangerous, laborious in its intent; it’s draining to be around this demon.
Yet we were given the same blood, the different tears we cried for same reasons,
The seasons were always marred with brutality, inflicting others with his stolen pain.
Until we all lay down to die with him, again and again and again. In a state of grace.
Laced with hereditary coercion, leading one to the doom of religious futility.  

Every atom, every molecule surrenders to him, tearing down, bearing down on me.

And the frowns we wore long ago, still linger in his smile, still frighten him deeply.
Still binds him to the mediocrity he longs to separate from. I am too far away from him.
It’s not to be. His day. It starts as suddenly as he looks back into the night, aware.
We are too close to this hidden torture, laced with a familiarity of distorted sibling touch.
I see fragments of fathers anguish burrowing deep into his compassionate intellect,
“Are you sad for me?” his smile implies, withering into flirtatious rhetoric whilst aching.  

How much of this historic torture must he endure, he buries any cardinal reclamation,

He is my lifeline. The human endeavor to perpetuate love through centuries of pain,
Like the rock of fortitude his indignant mind forgives anyone who can go through it.
You can decapitate him and he would have forgiven you at the moment of creation,
He wears a hood not to hide, but to welcome infidels who are captured by his foe,
Drowning from loss, it is a sign that signifies a welcoming into the realm of divine light.
Past deviances are overshadowed by his innocence, his transcendence is imminent.

All the sadness in his world is his to own, oh mercy me, release it in this lifetime,

Sweet one. Come to me. Jump into this impudent caboose I have created for you,
No one can harm you no more. I will not let them. Your tears have cleansed you.
I leave you time and time again, to search for your heart, your happiness, your soul
I travel to the pits of hell to gather your memories, someone stole them from you.
Hid them there to smile at your confusion, laughing at your impunity for retrieval
Not lost, not heartbroken in your dreams, it seems I have finished with your pain.

I give you vision of bathing in the sea of tranquility, palatial gift to offer yourself

The loving silt has healed in your body, the dream your soul, the path is now open
Go along your way; create desire as you go to fuel your undeniable presence here
We were born together in stormy weather at the time of the crucifixional illusion
And I have grown so big that I must leave this earth and return another wisdom
A wisdom so illustrious, its feminine eminence will eventually heal us all forever.

© David O'Brien 2011

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  1. Tiff Archer (Tschatschula)November 3, 2013 at 1:15 PM

    Time is running out in this 3D realm of imbalance;
    As Power and Greed stumble through their last performance;
    Society, Western Civilization, the entire World will choose to swallow the red pill;
    Descending down the rabbit hole to see reality...the TRUTH of humanity...revealed;
    Then the end days of darkness will soon dawn;
    Calling the game of the 1% over...withdrawn;
    Each day, the awakened are growing in number;
    As the sleeping are awakening from their dream of deep slumber;
    It is the now moment to vibrate Pure Love;
    I AM WHO I AM ALL THAT IS below as above;
    We will no longer be lost;
    We are ONE conscious...ness;
    Vibrating energetic frequencies of ALL THAT IS Divine;
    As it is our destiny, our right as human beings to SHINE;
    ~ Tiff Archer