Thursday, March 19, 2015



In our inescapable confrontation with our collective destiny, many of us will come to a conclusion based on nothing more than a phantasy realm created to subdue and entangle our compassionate and empathic intent with doubt and fear. This is what is flowing through our veins at this present moment. We have been lured into co-creating hell on earth. Whether through New Age deceptive discourse or through our human birthright which has been poisoned with lies. The multitude of souls who are playing dead for fear of taking responsibility for something which is so big that the mere thought of it makes us numb and apathetic. 

We hurdle through our days hoping to be good slaves for our slave masters. For in our inactive state of irresponsibility we have handed our souls over to the gatekeepers of evil. Our technology blinds us from ensuring our lives are anything but balanced and wholesome. We have bedded in the cities of barren fortunes where few get to dwell within the glass towers which blind us. And those who look down from palaces in the clouds do so without their connectedness to the upcoming revelation of truth and knowledge. Two comparative components needed to stay grounded as these earth shattering events whisk loved ones away never to be seen again. 

Dealing with loss always makes us feel the abandonment of those put in place to nurture those human qualities we so desire to share with our fellow souls on this frightening journey into the abyss of change.  We seem to no longer relish the unknown, for it is in these moments of uncertainty scepticism seems to whip us back to the collective conformity which are the building blocks of our own unconscious prisons. It keeps us separated from each other to such an extent that each day individuals all over the globe are simply turning themselves 'OFF'. Disconnecting from the wondernment and magic which exists in nature if we just allow ourselves to witness it. We replicate scarcity instead of abundance. The colours fade away in our lives and leaves a grey toxic sludge which will eventually keel our bodies over into a fetal arthritic stone statue, void of any movement. 

I never believed I could've perforated this deluge of drama embedded into my psyche as a child. I seemed to be a focal point for those who needed their fear transcended. Each of them bound me with the torture they were hanging onto. Giving it freely without asking as if they knew inherently that I could do something about it. I felt overburdened with the guilt of others well into my forties, virtually beginning as soon as I arrived on this planet. I am by no means a saint or sinner. The goodie bag I came in with was filled with all the demons which I needed to come familiar with on a first name basis. So fifty seven years later the bag is empty and all demonic interference has come to a standstill. The only thing remaining is the habitual protocol used to entertain these parasites until I had allowed each of them to go their own way. 

As a child I slept dreamlessly for many years. Inhaling the toxicity of being pregnant with the beasts of burden. I had no comfort, no nurture, no desire. I had no way of knowing who I was, where I was, and why I was chosen to participate in this gruesome experiment. All I knew left me at the end of each moment, filling the next with an upscale version of the previous demented intrusion of my meagre existence. The orphanage where I spent the first twelve years of my life, I saw those around me buckle under the pressure of religious dogma, predation and mere hatred of innocence. Everything was in damage control, yet the damage was out of control. On many occasion friends were there one minute and gone the next. As if they were lifted up and placed in the garbage chute, never to be seen again. 

It was only many many years later after countless governmental enquiries, state commissions, royal commissions that numbers were thrown about regarding those disappearing children. Two to five hundred children unaccounted for in a twenty year period, vanished into the belly of the beasts. This was only in one institution, there were five hundred other institutions with the same agenda, with the same formula being implemented on those unlucky enough to find themselves thrown to the wolves. The states family court system was set up to take kids away from their parents regardless of circumstances, the judges, barristers, lawyers and police were all in it together. This has been going on for the last 50 years, orphan children put in perilous danger in religious institutions ready for their names to be picked out of the hat and for those lower down in the ranks of this bureaucratic paedophile ring, the men who have been blackmailed, extorted and threatened with exposure of lewd and despicable acts come collect them and take them to these gatherings where most of the time their frenzied behaviour results in the brutal deaths of these children. 

Where is this sea of tranquility so often pushed by the media ? Where all is well and perfect. These picturesque images rolled over and over again on television programmes with the yellow brick road running through them.  The face of a child abuser fresh from a kill is where it is. The demonic interplay poisoning each psyche with the trauma and abuse of a life of irresponsibility and denial. This is the machinations of our current establishment. It is only now since the internet are they beginning to run and hide. Fearful of public reprisal, of being found by the angry mob and dissected like the worms they are. The people of the lie. The ones who keep the oppressor closer to their hearts than family or loved ones.  This is what the collective imagination has been poisoned with. Since the dawn of the mysogynyistic abrahamic religions using the unseen father god as the true predation on this planet. 

For those who escaped the treachery and deception of these killing fields your torture is being concocted in religious, government and corporate board rooms as we speak. We are not the chosen people of the biblical narrative, these demons are lurking high in the clouds in their cement and glass phalluses. In their chateaus with their hunting grounds of human flesh, innocent human flesh. These demons have turn the historical discourse into a pack of filthy lies which they exacerbate every second. These demons are untouchable for the present, but not for too long. Their is a shadow looming over their heads, each and everyone of them. A shadow created  by the illumination of transparency from the ground up. You see, their legitimacy has come from the heavens, where there looms the demiurge who controls them. Like puppets these shallow mediocre psychotic children are bandied around to do their gods bidding. 

I know who they are, I have been intimate which each of them. I've played their games of grooming, I've felt the toxicity they produce from this frenzied infestation, I have been given life by them. For they are scared, petrified of our potential now we are reconnecting. For those who stay asleep during this poignant moment of reprisal, your venture into the phantasy which awaits you will be more terrifying than anything I have experienced. You will be taken places where cyborgic parasites will feed on all your beautiful memories. Each memory will be plucked from your shallow minds,  never to return. Your angels and guides will turn into monsters to join the feeding frenzy. Your unconscious decision to turn away from a sentient planet which is being raped and pillaged has allowed you to enter this phantasy realm of terror. 

There was a time where I cried for weeks, even months at the thought of anyone being lured into this pearly gated hell. Years went by as I locked myself away from this madness to lure the uninvited inhabitants from my psyche to banish them. It is only now after fifty seven years of purging this great evil from deep inside of me that your cries for help will not be answered. You have created your destiny by negating the divine feminine principal. You have taken responsibility for lie upon lie to ensure you kept up this mediocre facade of your egoic perception of love spoon fed to you by psychopaths. You have turned your back on a heroic quest so deeply embedded in our hearts. You have helped disintegrate your ancestral voices to a whimper in your dreams. You shower yourselves with the cries of those children who were taken into the shadows and buggered till they shed their last breath. You have become a mediocre cartoon character. 

To those of you who have suffered the tortures of this unevolved synthesis, who have taken it upon yourselves to purge this demonic despotism, and found the sovereignty of love I am proud of you. For the aloneness you have felt from the herd in pursuing the road less travelled I urge you to keep going. For every tear you have shed you have helped others swim in the sea of tranquility. And for the innocence I once felt momentarily in being a child.

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2015