Saturday, December 29, 2012



Near the Eve of welcoming 2013, I was satiated with the desire to write a brief synopsis of the life I will be leaving behind to the Life I will be manifesting. Regardless of times and dates and memories hidden within my subconscious, my life will never be the same again. My qualm with the years that have gone by is that there were never enough souls in my life whose passion of knowing that we were never destined to fail as a Collective Spirit seemed to be kept in Dream status, instead of allowing it into physical, emotional and spiritual manifestation. 

Men have gathered together for thousands of years creating ceremonies and partaking in rituals which define their intent as seekers of the divine. Most if not all tribal societies are found to be matriarchal. The vision and guidance of the Sacred Grande Mothers of the tribes have pierced through time like a swift arrow guided sacredly towards the Galactic Core. This to  me defines the awkwardness of the last 2000 years of mans validation of his strength and persistence in defining his role as imminent in the voyage of the planet towards peace and contentment for all. But nothing can be further from the truth. 

I have lived under this false construct for 55 years and have felt the rage it holds for anything truly divine. I have felt the sting of belligerent religions masquerading as caretakers of the children. I have had the hands of these men all over me, trying desperately to extract my soul for their bloodthirsty rituals. I have felt the separation of family as a child as this system tore all of us apart, leaving us for dead in their dangerous and predatorial institutions. I have stood silently as a man and watched this system do its best to do the same to my child. I have shed more tears than there are stars for this indignity put upon me. At the same time feeling the collective pain of all other indignities perpetrated on humanity since the dawn of this patriarchal bliss.

Yet my resilience always told me of another possibility which is here for humans to connect with. As a child these traumas were stored away and kept hidden until I found time to become an observer of what my physical body had endured. The mind seemed to mend itself quite well in preparation of what was to come. I endured quite well in the chaotic atmosphere of western civilisation. I was never in any shape as a child to focus on dreams or pursuits of those around me. I was filled with the screams of wallowing children, trying to make sense of the pain they were enduring. No retrospect nor ability to do anything about what was happening to myself and those around me. I did however feel the change inside me.

I felt the pain of those whose necessity to inflict their confusion onto me was a dire need to absolve them of their sins. I know it never worked for them as it did for me, they were at constant war with themselves for the life they chose to lead. The sacrifice of their souls creative expression cut them into more pieces, turning them into dominated slaves of patriarchal bliss. These men and women of the clergy lived savage lives and died savage deaths. Leaving behind a wake of madness, an external representation of their minds. I sat and watched this drama play out in front of me, and through the years I saw it transpire onto television.  

Funny that. There was no singing nun, there was no saviour of the people in my world. So why did they project this lie onto a screen with actors being paid? All that existed in my world in my early years was chaos, nothing more, nothing less. A child extracted from his parents and put into a system of chaos. The same for my three siblings. Chaos. 

The years have taught me to be compassionate even to those who create the illusion that they are victimised. Playing superfluous roles of their parents or loved ones, whose dysfunction crept into their realities. When all along they could have had whatever they wanted. Be whoever they wanted. How much of this is genetic mutation of just replication of a false ideal to lead you away from beauty and abundance for the sake control and quasi power? 

It has taught me to be full of empathy to those who still have that sparkle of light in their eye. It has taught me to be who I am in this diluting duality. It has given me the strength to teach others by just sitting in silence with them. My spirit does all the talking. Yours will to. For it is in the silence we get to know who we are and where we are and what is to come. It is the silence which blesses you with originality. 

As we turn another page towards our true destiny, let me leave you some thoughts to ponder on. We were never meant to fail in our great quest. It is what lurks within the mind which vilifies you and no where else. Soon you will be free of this menacing thought, and those who implanted this obscenity in your mind will beg for forgiveness. Your decision in that moment will be your greatest. Choose well my dear friends. You have earned the right to be powerful, but do not replicate the fasle power which has bound humanity in fear for the past 2000 years. The Universe awaits your uniqueness. 


© Copyright David O'Brien 2012