Saturday, January 28, 2012


Picture by: Tommy Bradahl

We have structured our society on the idea that there is and can be only one ultimate truth. Of course we have been fighting for centuries over which truth is THE ONE truth. But the fact that there is and can be only ONE truth is one thing that we all agree on. This is profoundly expressed in the worlds religions of today.

CHRISTIANS: There is but one savior Christ. MUSLIM: There is only one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. JUDAISM: Israel are God's chosen people and one true faith.  

The idea is repeated over and over again. And it is an idea that has caused so much human suffering in the world today. From the Crusades, Inquisition, Terrorist Attacks it has been Jew against Christian, Christian against Muslim, Catholics against Protestant to the toll of literally billions of lives. All sacrificed for the idea that OUR way is THE way. This idea has caused unbelievable harm to humankind, and it is based on a lie. If there were only one truth in the universe it would be this, there is only one thing and everything is part of the one thing that is. I will explain the meaning to that in depth later on. But for now suffice it to say that the truth is subjective. My truth and yours do not have to be the same. In fact they are most definitely NOT the same. To illustrate this I like to use the 'liver factor'. 

What I mean by that is that I am one of the few people in the world that has acquired a taste for liver. When cooked just right with onions and mushrooms and maybe a side of mashed potatoes, liver is one of my favourite meals. My brother on the other hand despises liver. One bite almost immediately causes him to gag. Now when I taste the meat the same chemicals, vitamins, minerals are going into my mouth as is going into my brother's mouth, usually from the same pan. And our bodies are designed to process that information the same way. However my experience with liver is completely different than that of my brother's because while I am going for seconds he is running to bathroom to puke. So my truth about liver and my brother's truth about liver are completely different. This is because our perception and projection of the world around us is unique, but entirely appropriate for the individual. This is why we have so much conflict when it comes to religion or any institution that tries to impose ONE truth on everybody. There just isn’t one truth that fits all of humanity since you are all experiencing the world differently. 

Just imagine how much healing would occur if we just change two words, our way is A way instead of THE way. Imagine what conflicts would immediately be eliminated if the religions of the world could just say our way is A way instead of THE way. Suddenly we would not feel compelled to force everyone into our way of thinking. We could allow each other to discover their own truth. That's not to say that we shouldn't share our truths with each other, which I think is highly beneficial, but to say that we wouldn't REQUIRE anyone to accept our truth, nor would we consider anyone who didn't accept our truth any less. It is human nature to want to be right. We always think of ourselves as the good guys. And if we are right and someone else is doing something different, then they must be wrong by default under our current thinking. And then we are willing to sacrifice almost everything just so that we can be right by fighting, resisting and killing each other. Again when conflicts arise at the core there is an untruth. When we eliminate the lie and operate from the truth that remains, the result is instant harmony. 

And thus you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. When we operate from the idea that truth is relative to the individual perception we know longer see others operating under another truth as wrong or evil, which doesn't exist. The idea of evil comes from one of the most ubiquitous lies of all.  

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012



There are certain topics that have fallen under the spell of 'political correctness' which have flourished in this toxic and vile construct. It has validated politics as the Realm of the Gods, and what's more, it has 'Psychopath' written all over it. When infantile and childish men and woman make decisions based from a indoctrinated psychosis, many thousands of men, women and children die daily as consequence, and continue to do so. We know now this consequence falls short of the present unified global governmental agenda, mainly under the guise of Foreign Policy, and what's more it stenches of EUGENICS. A de-population program which has gained massive momentum since the end of World War Two. 

A green light has been given to massacre, maim, kill and destroy humanity by deception. Implementing this destruction through legislation, laws and political insanity daily, as more and more of our so called leaders fall under the spell of 'diplomacy by death'. Now we have the pleasure to see the start of western civilization placing women at the helm of political death squads so that any atrocities cited will be their responsibility as well. The men have had enough limelight poured onto their coffers, and now its time to grandstand the 'whores of politics' as the witches of the modern day gulag. There is definitely something wrong with this picture. Sadistically wrong.

As certain high courts mount their cases against the latest 'rat pack' of rogue politicians whose decisions have added to the continuum of illegitimate Foreign Policy war machines, again maiming and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent indigenous people of some of the oldest civilizations here on earth, all in the name of politics. We again see what happens when humanity is given the concept of imperfection in the external sense by people who create the mediocrity you breathe daily. These insidious decisions has left the secret boardroom meetings of warmongers and now legitimises itself in houses of parliament, globally. What makes it more fascinating is that youtubing the latest atrocities in the Middle East, you can see these children being carried away by their fathers and uncles with the sides of their faces blown off by a bullet with 'Made in the USA' written all over it. 

So now the next phase of legitimacy is raising its ugly and devilish head. The new death squads of NATO are now roaming the streets of the Levant*, killing men women and children randomly, because the wearers of this ambiguous uniform are doped up to the hilt on psychotics, ready to shoot at anything that moves. All created in the labs of the World Health Organisation, the same place where they invent these toxic mercurial concoctions they call vaccines which kill millions of our children annually, or turn them into autistic zombies. 

I know some of you who read this will blow this off as a 'Propaganda Piece' because you have been silenced by your own fear, then move on to your nightly dose of 'Reality Shows'. But let me seed a little thought in your damaged minds. Your true potential is to not let this go on. Yet you don't see it. You find ways to hide yourself away from this madness from moment to moment.... don't worry you're next. Because this is the hell you allow to manifest here on this beautiful planet. This is what you have allowed to perpetuate because of your insistency in believing you are free. This is the promised land you've created. This is the 'garden of eden' you have helped create by your apathy. 

I used to feel compassion and empathy for you, but now as I write this trash which should never have been written, I hold in my heart only the hope for those who have been proactive in preventing this evil. Praying to the 'Divine Earth' to keep them safe until all those who have done nothing perish. And perish they will. Not by the hand of your murderous gods, but by the hand of each others blindness. As I step over your rotting carcasses and take the keys to your house and car so finally I can have a roof over my head, and a decent car to drive, your memory will fade faster than I can use the resources which blinded you. Then if someone knocks at the door of the house I open with your keys, I will let them in, feed them, nurture them and continue to take responsibility for their well being. I will give them your car, maybe let them have your house. As I go from street to street, house to house in desolate neighbourhoods empty of apathetic fools, I will endeavour to fill these houses with the homeless you spat at, the poor you shunned, the children that were bashed by the bullies you turned your children into. 

Only then can we rest. Only then can those of us who have taken the beatings from the religions you've created and the poisoned politics you've validated because of your disrespect for humanity , only then will we truly do what you could never do. Respect and love our humanity.... and it will flow onto mother earth and cover your disrespect of her with new blossoms which will be forever cared for.
*The lands in the eastern Mediterranean, covering Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq.

STAY SACRED if you dare.

© David O'Brien 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012



It seems funny, having had many years of Fluffy Spiritualism (another damn 'ism'), that the overall population are still trapped within the 'Fear Matrix' and have found no way out. This, mind you, includes all of those fanatics in denial of this beautiful earth they are standing on, who still look to the skies for some sort of messianic saviour to take their role over of doing their part in this great journey we are facing at this moment in time. Still after digesting many fads and disciplines seemingly sent from above, that nothing really has happened for their lives to get better. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Like the 'Hippy Culture' of the sixties many of them are burnt out , but not for the lack of trying. 

So now, like before, these souls are caught in an inextricable* web of deceit. Now returning into the 'Fear Matrix', as there is no escape for them and are destined to replay old destructive behavioural patterns over & over again. Their days have become overwhelmed with finding ways of 'escapism'. A lot of these souls are now 'workshop junkies'. Spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each week to experience other perceptions and rituals into being freed from this deceptive mess. Their children are becoming more confused with the information being fed to them by these fanatics who believe whole heartedly they are marked for 'Enlightenment'. 

So where did they go wrong?

For thousands of years we have had our focus taken away from 'Mother Earth'. Our collective gaze been coerced to the skies for any sort of divine help. A mandate which the 'Powers That Were' extrapolated trillions & trillions of dollars from all of us over centuries to make into a illusory reality for all to exist in. So here we are. A 'Bubble of Fear' now surrounds the planet. Any external intervention has been locked out by our own doing because we did not believe in ourselves. Giving up our divine right to exist here on 'GAIA'. Not connecting to 'Mother Earth' and buying into false religious doctrine which vilifies anything feminine. The 'woman' has been turned into the 'whore' and men have bought into this hook, line & sinker. 

As we move to the 'Processional Equinox' on 12/21/2012, what exactly is going to happen? Well let me give you a slight indication. Men who still hold the ideal of 'woman are inferior' will start to implode. The 'Mother' is waking up. When she is fully awake, which will be sooner than later, those who have harmed her and who have followed the men who are raping her will feel her pain. Their insistency to hold onto these oppressive mindsets will be their downfall, nothing else. Their need to take responsibility for this should be the 'highest priority' at this moment in our evolution. There needs to be a balancing of 'feminine energy' in the patriarchal system. So now, because of mens refusal to address this balance, it is time for this balance to occur on a universal level. 

We are now being prepared to go on the 'Universal Stage' as a collective divine destiny. We are being primed to interact, on a universal level, and to fulfil our role within the Galactic Godhead. So guys, get prepared. This 'Divine Insurgence of Feminine Energy' will free you from this 'Fear Culture'. The one we have desired to disconnect from for thousands of years.....

Enjoy the ride..


© David O'Brien 2012

*in·ex·tri·ca·ble ( n- k str -k -b l, n k-str k -b l). adj. 1. a. So intricate or entangled as to make escape impossible: an inextricable maze; an inextricable web of deceit.

Thursday, January 19, 2012



Throughout history the idea of good versus evil is one of the most central ideas behind human thought. No one can argue that the light vs dark, good vs evil is one of the most central themes around every human drama. In the movies the good guys where white and the bad guys dress in black. We see everything as being either black or white, and this idea is a complete lie. You may argue that some of the atrocities happening in the world can't be labelled anything else but evil. You may say, “Are you telling me that child molesters, rapists, murderers and predators aren't evil?” And yes that is exactly what I'm saying. Oh yes their behaviours are inappropriate in that they do no produce the desired result mankind collectively says they want, which is peace and harmony. But again, no one does anything inappropriate given their understanding of the world. Calling them evil is a judgement based on a moral code that obviously differs from yours. But most human moral codes are based on our current belief systems which I have previously stated are based on lies. Allow me to explain. 

The universe operates on specific laws, and there is no judgement in the universe. There is only that which works and that which does not work considering what the desired result is. To illustrate this, imagine if you were on a road trip from New York to Los-Angeles. You have taken time to carefully map out your journey carefully marking all the sites you would like to see along the way. You've spent many months saving and planning for this trip and feel quite confident that you have covered all bases. While you're travelling you stop at a local truck stop, where you meet a man who has travelled across the country many times. He informs you that you are heading in the wrong direction, that the route you are currently taking will lead you south and not to your desired destination. Since you have spent so much time in your preparation and were so certain of yourself as to your direction, you are sceptical at first of what the man is saying. But then he takes out a map and to your surprise, shows you exactly the road number and outlines exactly how it leads you south and not west. 

Now how ridiculous would it sound if I said that you were evil because you were on the wrong road? Of course your not evil, it's just that your current direction will never get you to where you say you want to go, and a course correction is needed. That's exactly what I mean to say. Evil is a judgement and the universe has no judgement. In the universe there is no such thing as evil, literally. Again there is literally no such thing as evil. Evil is a word that we have used to describe a lack of something, the same way we have used the word 'cold' to describe a lack of heat. You see there is no such thing as cold. You may argue on a cold winter morning and say,” Oh yes there is! I’ve been out in the cold I know what it feels like.” But what you are feeling isn't cold, what you are feeling is a lack of heat. You see when you remove heat from something what is left feels cold. But what happens when you remove all of the heat? When you remove all of the heat, you reach absolute 0. It can't get any colder. 

You see if cold were a thing, you could just add more cold and it would get colder. But since cold doesn't really exist, once all the heat is gone, you can't go anywhere from there. Heat on the other hand is something the universe is abundant in namely energy. There is no limit to how hot something can get, you simply add more heat. Do you see? Evil is a word that we have used to describe a lack of something, and that something is love. Therefore there is no such THING as evil, there is only love. Love is the real thing that has no limit. Evil is a word we have used to describe a lack of love. That is why love is at the core of every human being, because you cannot be filled with something that does not exist. All there is is love. It quite literally is the only thing that's real. Psychologically most child molesters would never willing hurt a child. In their minds they love the children who they are ultimately causing pain. There is a contradiction and again at the core of every contradiction there is an untruth. The untruth in this case may be related to trauma or pain in the person's experience that negatively shaped their view and understanding of the world and what love is. 

Punishing the person as evil will never change the behaviour. The loving thing to do would be to try to understand that persons perception of the world, and try to educate and change that understanding based on what is true. Which by default means journeying within the persons psyche to discover the lie that altered his perception? The cure for anything that we would consider evil is to simply add more love. Therefore love your enemies and those who revile you.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



The river is famous to the fish.
The loud voice is famous to silence,
which knew it would inherit the earth
before anybody said so.  

The cat sleeping on the fence
is famous to the birds
watching him from the birdhouse.  

The tear is famous, briefly, to the cheek.
The idea you carry close to your bosom
is famous to your bosom.

The boot is famous to the earth,
more famous than the dress shoe,
which is famous only to floors.

The bent photograph is famous
to the one who carries it and not at all
famous to the one who is pictured.

I want to be famous to shuffling men
who smile while crossing streets,
sticky children in grocery lines,
famous as the one who smiled back.

I want to be famous in the way a pulley is famous,
or a buttonhole,
not because it did anything spectacular,
but because it never forgot what it could do.

Naomi Shihab Nye



We have become a fearful society. In fact secrecy is a direct by-product of fear. This brings up a couple of very good questions. What is it exactly that we are afraid of? What promotes this fear that seems to permeate our very existence? And lastly why do we need to keep it secret? The answer may surprise you, but the thing we are afraid of is ourselves. Oh you may think about it on many different levels by saying that we act this way to protect our interest, or our freedoms or to assure our survival, but when you boil it all down it comes to this. We are afraid of our own nature. We are afraid that inside each and every human being at the core there is evil. It has been said many ways, that it is in man’s nature to be violent, to error is human, you were born in sin. All of these are saying the same thing, that there is something wrong with you and that left to your own devices you will corrupt, pollute and eventually destroy yourselves and all that is around you. I mean think about it. If we believe that every man woman and child has a devil inside them that may take over at any time and cause us to act in a destructive manner, then who can you trust? Talk about a nightmare, who would want to live in a world like that?

No wonder we have built our society around protecting individual interest. A society based on mistrust and deceit. And it seems as though history agrees with this sentiment. I mean look at what we’ve done to our own world that we live in. Look at the crime the violence the greed. Some of the atrocities in history such as the Holocaust, World War I and II, the massacres in South Africa, aren’t these proofs that we are inherently bad? And yet if you speak to any man woman or child they all say that they want the same things, to be loved, to live in peace and security, and to ultimately be happy. So one must ask why there is this apparent contradiction, this duality in man. What causes people to act in a complete opposite way to how he feels? Well logic dictates that the source of any contradiction is an untruth or lie. The lie in this case being that there is something wrong with you and everyone else. It immediately puts the human race in the posture of fear and a fearful person is not rational. If everyone is in the posture of fear, they are either prepared to fight or to run. Is it any wonder then that we have so many conflicts in the world? Is it any wonder why we have so many secrets?

The truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with you. You are a perfect and complete universal being filled with love at the core. It is so much a part of your being that any action outside of love causes a negative physical reaction that can literally be measured. Think about it anger, hate, jealousy, fear, all elevate your heart rate, tense your muscles, tightens your jaw, and knots your stomach. It’s so predictable, that science has developed machines such as a polygraph (lie detector) machines that will show a physical and neurological aberration when we speak an untruth. What does that tell you about your true nature? The truth is that no one does anything inappropriate given their understanding of their situation. I’ll repeat NO ONE does ANYTHING INAPPROPRIATE given THEIR understanding of the world. People lie because at the core they feel they have to. They steal, cheat, murder because they feel they have to from their perspective. You see from your perspective you don’t do anything inappropriate given your model and understanding of the world and your particular set of circumstances.

Take smoking for example, many smokers today know that smoking will harm their bodies and eventually kill them if carried on, and yet they choose to smoke. In that choice they have weighed the consequences and concluded that perhaps their temporary enjoyment is a worth a few years from their life. In the instant that the smoker makes that choice, it is no longer inappropriate for him/her to smoke from his/her perspective, whereas another person may choose not to for their own reason. Conflicts arise then when we do not understand the others model of the world. This is one of the main reasons that our current system is not working. It is impossible to make any lasting change through legislation or laws, since people will do what they feel is appropriate despite the laws. And when someone operates outside of the law we put them in prisons, rather than trying to understand and if appropriate educate to help change the persons understanding of the world or perhaps change ours. But currently conflicts are compounded when similar groups band together and claim that their perception of the world is the only appropriate view to have and then try to force others to accept THEIR view of the world. This is the main reason for EVERY conflict in the world, a lack of understanding. This arises from another lie.

© Bob Wright 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012



Between ignorance and truth
What is real and fantasy
Lies a world where all is clear
But so very hard to see
I've been here for sometime now
And I still don't know my way
I can't remember how I got here
So I guess I'll have to stay  

But I'll hide out in the open
To be sure you can't be seen
And crawl upon the muddied ground
While yet trying to stay clean
You search for hidden treasure
But don't hope for any wealth
And keep on fighting to defeat the foe
And the enemy's yourself  

Where has all your hopes gone
Away with all your dreams
Sewing up your brother's world
With yours ripping at the seams
Copious illusions Vestiges of pain
You step into the sunlight but the darkness still remains

But I'll hide out in the open
To be sure you can't be seen
And crawl upon the muddied ground
While yet trying to stay clean
You search for hidden treasure
But don't hope for any wealth
And keep on fighting to defeat the foe
And the enemy's yourself

Can you hear my heart cry
It echoes in the air Calling to the darkness
Hey, is anybody there 
Whispered words of silence
Encradled in a dream
You smile to hide your mortal pain
Though so very hard it seems

But I'll hide out in the open
To be sure you can't be seen
And crawl upon the muddied ground
While yet trying to stay clean
You search for hidden treasure
But don't hope for any wealth
And keep on fighting to defeat the foe
And the enemy's yourself....

© Bob Wright 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012



We are finally here. We are embedded in a year that has had the most marketing capabilities of creating massive revenue to the Corporate Agenda in human history. We have, as a human collective imagination,  been affected by this date en masse since the integration of the Mayan Mythos into western culture. We do not know that the Mayan Council has stayed silent for 527 years up until 2010. Information regarding the 'Mayan Story' has filtered out ONLY through Academic circles and has gained momentum in a monumental way. Humanity has embraced this information with open arms, not by choice, but by design. This bank of unsolicited  information has the backing of corporate sources to expedite a continuum which has been fed into the human collective imagination since the invention of the Victim/Perpetrator paradigm through all Abrahamic Religions 2000 years ago..

Our minds dwell in a massive predation where we cant seem to eject ourselves from. WE know there is an unseen enemy but we can find them. We have embraced 'Political Correctness' as a new language, and now live under it cancerous spell. Through this portal of political mediocrity, we have now made GOD our enemy. The hybridised vicissitudes of Human life have now taken on a new and ignorant path. Directed by false prophets and seers, whose only declaration to existence is their psychopathic delight in watching millions of us deteriorate and die daily. This is their food. This is what they eat.

So you think your GOD is not capable of creating such atrocities as you continually blame humanity for these deeds. Always denying your GOD has anything to do with the actions of these 'Psychopaths'. You have been on this earth for such a moment, a moment where your divinity has been served to you in a polystyrene plate with Aspartame as the drug of choice. This disfigured symbology haunts your dreams.  Savages your family and friends to such an extent that you will create new personas to deal with it. So the 'Original You', lies in the back of your mind, saddened by what it sees but nevertheless still detached and full of apathy. You have given up your right to be Divinely Human and taken second best. As long as no harm comes to you or your family you do not have the impetus to be pro-active in creating the world the 'Original You' has suggested, time and time again. You sway in your deliberations of choice, you rely on brittle and stoic information to feed your soul. You wait for Prophets who sell millions of DVD's, parading their vacuous ideologies in front of you the way the rich tantalise you with their toys.   

Still, you cry yourself to sleep with a sadness that never seems to dissipate. It stays and haunts you in your slumber. Your children are taking on your fear as if they were theirs and theirs alone. You empty yourselves into these innocent minds as though you think it is your birthright to do so. You look for ways out of this madness but your pride will not let you leave. Your madness is becoming apparent even in close quarters. Your family, friends and close acquaintances are watching you crack open.... as this ever-evolving fear grows larger inside your heart and mind. You share it with no-one because you are the one who needs to be in control of your life. You don't want other people to think you are weak and frightened. But you are. In your own fragile way, you are. 

We all are.

But let's together IMAGINE a world
where everyone is loved,
everyone is fed,
everyone is creating
in the true Garden of Eden.  

Let this fear go 
It will thank you for its freedom
and you can thank it for yours.


© David O'Brien 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012



O magik earth, I dreamt of you again.
The men who are bound by your Nature
Are getting ready, once more, to open the gate.
There is a family of imaginations here
To keep that gate open in your Honor.

I sat aside a rock which talked to me 
Of images of flyers, in the dark night
'These flyers' said the Rock 'are after you.'
'They belong to the 'Crooked One'
Who allows unforseen coercion to be his. 

He blinds himself hourly with his heart
His hybridised desire crushes his moment
Ego doesn't stand a chance with this tool
It is a tool of Blindness from the Never Never.
A voice of atrophy embedded in phantasy.

It introduces mediocrity into our divinity
It circumnavigates the hardness of mind.
It procreates with an abundace of me
It replicates everything except compassion
It is a feast of uncompasionate moments

I am truly content in growing, as 
I am truly content in knowing 
A depth to my obsevation, unattached.
Then my heart wretches itself, inwards
Century old pain is disconnecting from me.

Begging the pains pardon, 'We need to rest'
But we need to rest awhile, immediately.
Bind this monumental moment with forgiveness
Cross the line of understanding, to knowing
Replicate the pill of knowledge, then take it.

In letting go, I free the moment of itself
Then bathe in the mystik sunshine, daily
With other tired men, widowed men
Sipping surreptitiously, the acid rain of lies
Getiting drunk on deforming all sacredness

I am bare to embrace this with my imagination
Too bare for many words who take us to doom
We are 'Gods Children, not 'The gods children'
Protecting 'Mother of the Universe' daily
Imagining a mystical world 'free of fear'.

© David O'Brien 2012