Sunday, November 4, 2018



These self-appointed gods of capitalism are hiding in their glass towers concocting a false rhetoric purely for the suffering and torment of humanity. Each human participant who is unaware of this collusion is being taken further away from their own destiny in order to fuel this destructive and mediocre fantasy in which these parasites of industry dwell. In trying to manifest a coherent.

Every breath of responsibility echo through the murky atmosphere of noncompliance and restoric anarchy.   My estimations wither at the level of sadness the collective is experiencing at the moment. Why such an abominable set of turbulent experiences to taint our journey here on earth with dire collective oppression using guilt and shame. The lingering threat of extinction distorts the mind into believing that helplessness is a more useful tool at this moment in time than bravado.

A bravado which flows in the veins of generations in process of transmuting all collective trauma into love. It is by no means a finite quest of freedom taking us all for a ride on the tail of the great beast as time draws near to its last and final breath. We have to go through its pain of existence, we have to suffer what it suffers, a barren road of inexperience of the true divine. It steals the sacrosanct moments from our holy bodies, those sacred realisations that we are here to participate in a dimensional reset of universal proportions. The black sheep lingo we have been spouting for decades is now paying off. This new sense of selflessness we are embracing is opening us up to the journey of many lifetimes culminating into this cantankerous moment.  


The extrapolation and unhinging of our collective fear continues to be part of the establishments agenda to keep western civilisation on its knees while we are collectively being beheaded. "Cultural Rape and Pillage" have taken on a new meaning as Trans National Corporations & Globalism is bringing us to our knees

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


As the sun sets each evening here in my little mountain village, I sit down at my desk and plug into cyberspace. The lament I continually feel as I participate in this cyberfusion gives me a sense of urgency with this information. Those of us who are even attempting to take on this hidden parasitic enemy which dwells deep within the human collective psyche, are collectively assimilating a new perception of this fear paradigm. Realising all that dwells within the mind doesn't necessarily originate from the mind. If what allows us to participate in this current reality, adheres to Universal Law, then the notion of a hierarchal platform seeding the universe with experiential learning with no attachment to the outcome can also apply to malevolent entities piercing the local dimensional veil then injecting manipulative propaganda into the collective mind. Interacting with the collective imagination specifically for this higher evolutionary agenda somehow has turned predatorial. Something has infected the superconscious mind to such an extent that humanity is becoming apathetic to the cause of its own destruction. 

We have been given a high dose of amnesia through a dimensional syringe injected into the Akashic. Not only has it nullified our previous existences but it has had a devastating effect on our interaction with each other. In the course of the last two thousand years the Akashic has been milked for an ulterior agenda. One of scarcity and conforming to the greater narrative of survival.  We are not of a survivalist race. We have an evolutionary diet of insight and experience. Whichever you perceive to be of your highest nature you must procure. It is the fundamental component to your individual journey, to begin the pilgrimage to the doors of the great Hall of Records. We must urge ourselves to remember the past deeds of our spirit and to allow the flow of prodigious knowledge of the Great Library to flow through our veins once again. 

We have run aground on this desert island with no understanding of why we are here. And those of us who are disciplined enough to make that journey back into the higher knowledge of our heritage. So we can be confronted with the assimilation of three paradigms intertwine in the cosmic dance. The past, present and the future. It is abhorrent even to think of those who refuse to accept this masterful journey. We can live side by side with the naive, wicked and the dominant, but they must have a visual  connection to those who have sacrificed the individual for the collective. This indicative stance grounds our testimony of transcending personal gratification for global justice. Injecting into the collective soul the anti-venom for fear. Rendering all those who wish to pervert the human collective destiny, blind. 

We have been on the same road since time began, and now an evolutionary step into the final moments of the existence of fear. The shelf life of the left over religion of Misogyny. The death of the wisdom goddess. The epochs of sensualized autonomy where wisdom prevailed for  centuries upon centuries was a part of our re-activation process back to the light of the collective soul validating itself from grandfather sun. The soul gazes upon itself,the sun. The sun purifies the soul and fuses each other with life force. This constant daily cleansing of the soul guarantees a constant connection to the collective soul. Filaments of the future are intermingling with the source of creation. What is happening at the beginning of this recent epoch is the insistency of the collective soul to interrogate the current historic truth. The beginning of the deconstruction of this alien agenda.

Mother Earth and her inhabitants are revolutionising the truth. Freeing it of the parables of lies and deception. These parasitic ideologies injected into the collective heart at a moment of deep sadness. The systemic rape of the innocence of life and a two dimensional lifestyle. We are tired because our hearts are disappearing into the wounds of the earth left by these two dimensional parasites. Tired because we are being poisoned with their lies and deception. We are being punished for our bravery, our apocrathy of nature. Punished for our ability to feel. And for two thousand years, purged of our individual connect to the akashic.  

These handcuffs of limitations, the forever scalding father who vilifies his childs existence. The copious amount of already damaged men trying to douse out the fires of lust and greed, and are weighed down by the sins of the father. Sound familiar, its your bogeyman, forever hiding in the darkness of your day. Spurting dysfunctional impulses from deep within the subconscious mind, trying to ratify the damage we take responsibility for. This hegemony of the mediocre and mundane. This ratifying of the sacred treatise that has swam through the centuries of our true connection to this living organism we call earth.  

I have taken too many hits from every angle in this life. All I have ever seen are humans who cannot take responsibility for their words, actions and intent. Yet through great adversity I still connect with the miraculous side of my nature and feel my experience making a difference in this world. I can smell it, taste it. I can see the portals connecting me to an understanding I have come to before this life. I am making my way through the dense haze of the material world onto this road less travelled.  I see humanity fracturing to let in more light onto this stained garden, where the rows of bloodstained ideals wither till they rot. So now we are going for the jugular of this fear beast. A long awaited journey into the realm of incoherent bliss. The frenzy is over. Time to uncover the missing piece of this human puzzle. FLIGHT.

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2015  

Sunday, April 12, 2015


With each thread of hidden information we seek there needs to be an intuitive intent to allow the stream of information to enter our conscious mind and fuel the fire of awareness. Opening our mind to allow the by-products of past obsolete data to unhinge itself and flow out into the ether where it came. The seeds of ideas and thoughts within the construct of the mind don't necessarily originate within the mind. Evolving within a multi-dimensional framework has its draw backs. The current establishment have colluded with higher realms to keep those who they marginalise within certain boundaries of understanding for their specific purpose to their needs. 

The Military Industrial Complex has waged war on the collective mind of their serfs. Creating controlling mechanisms which uses perplexing protocols to diffuse most dissent within the masses. Through the current Industrial Revolution, the hidden intent of their power has played a pivotal role allowing them to create a huge military presence on this planet. Many western democratic nations are merely war machines disguised as functional societies usurping individual needs for a long term outcome into some form of domination of the individual and the society in which they are connected. 

When one begins the arduous journey of awareness in our current reality, there are important and necessary procedures to implement within ones own life to protect themselves from information overload. We have all the tools to begin the journey of discovery but how do we keep on our set path to awakening our own destiny, our own part in this theatre of death and destruction playing out right in front of us. We must look at the target of this current destructive paradigm, and those of us who have reference points of support usually will know what they are looking for. Regardless of those perpetuating machinations within the system such as science and religion, we need to expand our own consciousness from the understanding of our own ancestral line. 

The tattered threads of our forefathers lie in ruins from the barbaric onslaught of lies and deception which has infiltrated our collective understanding, by a small group of individuals who are privy to important evolutionary knowledge which has been stolen from all of us within the period of ten generations. Whether this be through creativity or historic events used to map out a new quasi-historical timeline to suit these treacherous rulers of our time. We must therefore free ourselves from the bonds of illusion and fantasy used to divert us away from the truth of historical fact rather than the complicit lies which make up history today. We must individually strive to disconnect from this brutal illusion to help feed back into the collective mind, components which have been extracted through deceptive means. 

The most vicious of these deceptions have been perpetuated on the family structure. Today more than ever, a ravaging assault is being thrusted into our living rooms via the television. Now we have a global mainstream media coveting the sacred and divine treatise we adhere to within the constructs of this family structure. This antithesis against a balanced and harmonious life on earth is spreading like cancer. Whilst in the post-modern era held the genocidal attack of the indigenous/tribal populations of the planet, this new epoch is incarcerating the cultural backbone of all nations. While the previous used white civilisations who were crazed with empirical domination to subjugate those who were deemed barbaric. 

Is it true to say the global population have been manipulated in carrying out atrocities on our own brothers and sisters for the sake of this misguided agenda. Dividing and conquering us like sheep, bleeding our collective compassionate and empathic nature and making us responsible for the  heinous acts which are being committed against us. We are rapidly becoming less of what we use to be. Our global historical heritage is being destroyed by gangs bought, paid and trained by the Global Banking/Military Industrial Complex. Is it sufficed to say that whoever or whatever is working through these people whether it be alien or demonic forces are militarily ensconced regardless of what dimension they reside in. For when the human mind takes responsibility for these covert and insidious concepts injected into our collective imagination, those of us who are susceptible to these irrational behavioural patterns have nothing more to look forward to than narcissism and psychopathy.  Two devastating perplexities which disconnect us form our humanity towards each other. 

If your true perpetrator coalesces humanity for the destruction of humanity using and manipulating our organic technology because of their genetic superiority, do we have a chance of survival in this battle or do we merely succumb to this hidden power.  With the injection of transhumanism into our collective mind, trillions of dollars are being spent by multinational corporations each year to make sure this fantasy based inevitability becomes a reality in which we can't avoid. The period we are in which is known as the Kali Yuga seems to indicate that this phenomenon needs to play itself out before we can do anything about it. Humanity needs to bind this unseen force internally and understand its intent before being able to act upon it. 

Those of us who have suffered great traumas in childhood, who have been broken in some way or another and have found great strength within are being called upon to show immense compassion and empathy for fellow earthlings. Drawing upon supranatural internal forces cultivated in decades of rebuilding and reconstruction of their lives, these are the warriors of this new epoch. Those who have allowed themselves the daunting task of taking on this beast are exponentially broadening their minds while ingesting huge bundles of data connected to this potential threat to humanity will be the new minds who will construct collectively new societies and communal structures infused by this new understanding and awareness to strengthen our connections to mother earth and regain control of balance and harmony with the earth. Those who have allowed themselves to enter into the negligence of what makes them human and feed this mediocre illusion of materialism will perish into the void from where it came. The great cities of democracy will become ghost towns and implode by all the 'ism's'  with which they were created. 

If we had a true understanding of what it is to be human we could truly understand that we are allowing this subjugation in order for it to never happen again. For being human is to understanding our true power. The ability to take on universal quests of system busting, and collectively we have come to this moment in time when this archaic draconian slavery system needs to busted wide open, once and for all. Those who are tirelessly at this quest 24/7 are creating or even re-creating a force, a universal force which lies dormant in all of us ready to be re-activated at this the opportune time. For we never die, we merely transition  ourselves to the next part of our collect universal journey. We are immortal in the sense of our intrinsic ability to go where we are needed. So here we are....... another time another place, and those who seek to try and stop us will perish into the well of mediocrity, because there is no place for that where we come from. 

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015



In our inescapable confrontation with our collective destiny, many of us will come to a conclusion based on nothing more than a phantasy realm created to subdue and entangle our compassionate and empathic intent with doubt and fear. This is what is flowing through our veins at this present moment. We have been lured into co-creating hell on earth. Whether through New Age deceptive discourse or through our human birthright which has been poisoned with lies. The multitude of souls who are playing dead for fear of taking responsibility for something which is so big that the mere thought of it makes us numb and apathetic. 

We hurdle through our days hoping to be good slaves for our slave masters. For in our inactive state of irresponsibility we have handed our souls over to the gatekeepers of evil. Our technology blinds us from ensuring our lives are anything but balanced and wholesome. We have bedded in the cities of barren fortunes where few get to dwell within the glass towers which blind us. And those who look down from palaces in the clouds do so without their connectedness to the upcoming revelation of truth and knowledge. Two comparative components needed to stay grounded as these earth shattering events whisk loved ones away never to be seen again. 

Dealing with loss always makes us feel the abandonment of those put in place to nurture those human qualities we so desire to share with our fellow souls on this frightening journey into the abyss of change.  We seem to no longer relish the unknown, for it is in these moments of uncertainty scepticism seems to whip us back to the collective conformity which are the building blocks of our own unconscious prisons. It keeps us separated from each other to such an extent that each day individuals all over the globe are simply turning themselves 'OFF'. Disconnecting from the wondernment and magic which exists in nature if we just allow ourselves to witness it. We replicate scarcity instead of abundance. The colours fade away in our lives and leaves a grey toxic sludge which will eventually keel our bodies over into a fetal arthritic stone statue, void of any movement. 

I never believed I could've perforated this deluge of drama embedded into my psyche as a child. I seemed to be a focal point for those who needed their fear transcended. Each of them bound me with the torture they were hanging onto. Giving it freely without asking as if they knew inherently that I could do something about it. I felt overburdened with the guilt of others well into my forties, virtually beginning as soon as I arrived on this planet. I am by no means a saint or sinner. The goodie bag I came in with was filled with all the demons which I needed to come familiar with on a first name basis. So fifty seven years later the bag is empty and all demonic interference has come to a standstill. The only thing remaining is the habitual protocol used to entertain these parasites until I had allowed each of them to go their own way. 

As a child I slept dreamlessly for many years. Inhaling the toxicity of being pregnant with the beasts of burden. I had no comfort, no nurture, no desire. I had no way of knowing who I was, where I was, and why I was chosen to participate in this gruesome experiment. All I knew left me at the end of each moment, filling the next with an upscale version of the previous demented intrusion of my meagre existence. The orphanage where I spent the first twelve years of my life, I saw those around me buckle under the pressure of religious dogma, predation and mere hatred of innocence. Everything was in damage control, yet the damage was out of control. On many occasion friends were there one minute and gone the next. As if they were lifted up and placed in the garbage chute, never to be seen again. 

It was only many many years later after countless governmental enquiries, state commissions, royal commissions that numbers were thrown about regarding those disappearing children. Two to five hundred children unaccounted for in a twenty year period, vanished into the belly of the beasts. This was only in one institution, there were five hundred other institutions with the same agenda, with the same formula being implemented on those unlucky enough to find themselves thrown to the wolves. The states family court system was set up to take kids away from their parents regardless of circumstances, the judges, barristers, lawyers and police were all in it together. This has been going on for the last 50 years, orphan children put in perilous danger in religious institutions ready for their names to be picked out of the hat and for those lower down in the ranks of this bureaucratic paedophile ring, the men who have been blackmailed, extorted and threatened with exposure of lewd and despicable acts come collect them and take them to these gatherings where most of the time their frenzied behaviour results in the brutal deaths of these children. 

Where is this sea of tranquility so often pushed by the media ? Where all is well and perfect. These picturesque images rolled over and over again on television programmes with the yellow brick road running through them.  The face of a child abuser fresh from a kill is where it is. The demonic interplay poisoning each psyche with the trauma and abuse of a life of irresponsibility and denial. This is the machinations of our current establishment. It is only now since the internet are they beginning to run and hide. Fearful of public reprisal, of being found by the angry mob and dissected like the worms they are. The people of the lie. The ones who keep the oppressor closer to their hearts than family or loved ones.  This is what the collective imagination has been poisoned with. Since the dawn of the mysogynyistic abrahamic religions using the unseen father god as the true predation on this planet. 

For those who escaped the treachery and deception of these killing fields your torture is being concocted in religious, government and corporate board rooms as we speak. We are not the chosen people of the biblical narrative, these demons are lurking high in the clouds in their cement and glass phalluses. In their chateaus with their hunting grounds of human flesh, innocent human flesh. These demons have turn the historical discourse into a pack of filthy lies which they exacerbate every second. These demons are untouchable for the present, but not for too long. Their is a shadow looming over their heads, each and everyone of them. A shadow created  by the illumination of transparency from the ground up. You see, their legitimacy has come from the heavens, where there looms the demiurge who controls them. Like puppets these shallow mediocre psychotic children are bandied around to do their gods bidding. 

I know who they are, I have been intimate which each of them. I've played their games of grooming, I've felt the toxicity they produce from this frenzied infestation, I have been given life by them. For they are scared, petrified of our potential now we are reconnecting. For those who stay asleep during this poignant moment of reprisal, your venture into the phantasy which awaits you will be more terrifying than anything I have experienced. You will be taken places where cyborgic parasites will feed on all your beautiful memories. Each memory will be plucked from your shallow minds,  never to return. Your angels and guides will turn into monsters to join the feeding frenzy. Your unconscious decision to turn away from a sentient planet which is being raped and pillaged has allowed you to enter this phantasy realm of terror. 

There was a time where I cried for weeks, even months at the thought of anyone being lured into this pearly gated hell. Years went by as I locked myself away from this madness to lure the uninvited inhabitants from my psyche to banish them. It is only now after fifty seven years of purging this great evil from deep inside of me that your cries for help will not be answered. You have created your destiny by negating the divine feminine principal. You have taken responsibility for lie upon lie to ensure you kept up this mediocre facade of your egoic perception of love spoon fed to you by psychopaths. You have turned your back on a heroic quest so deeply embedded in our hearts. You have helped disintegrate your ancestral voices to a whimper in your dreams. You shower yourselves with the cries of those children who were taken into the shadows and buggered till they shed their last breath. You have become a mediocre cartoon character. 

To those of you who have suffered the tortures of this unevolved synthesis, who have taken it upon yourselves to purge this demonic despotism, and found the sovereignty of love I am proud of you. For the aloneness you have felt from the herd in pursuing the road less travelled I urge you to keep going. For every tear you have shed you have helped others swim in the sea of tranquility. And for the innocence I once felt momentarily in being a child.

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2015

Thursday, August 21, 2014



Has it ever occurred to you that of the amount of information you ingest, is funnelling your intent to the Collective Cohesion with truth as its guiding force. It may take few or several decades of your life to align yourself with this peripheral momentum. In order to deter parasitical invasion of your consciousness it is better for you to comply than to chose the path of intense resistance. A path rich in imagination and potentiality oozing from the soul and spirit plexus. These two components of our nature have indeed been severed. Kept apart from the complimentary and archetypical powers we do possess as humans. In keeping the most potent or master energies apart there will no doubt be a partitioning of our local and universal skeleton. Make no bones about that. 

It is in this separation which we seem more vulnerable. In this low light where we see the frays of such monumental sadness placating our successes into shaping our realty into something other which leaves us breathless. We push ardently into each moment as the juggernaut of fear pushes even harder. There are pockets in our evolution where the pain has overemphasised itself into a travesty of guilt and mediocre flagellation for centuries to come. For what we have been denied in the lies of this current historical record is allowing the collective healing process to resume through our compassion and empathy. We have been turned off on multiple levels. Almost made redundant as our true destiny slips by us while we mop up the tears of deception and trickery. 

I'm beginning to piece together the immense collateral damage which has befallen ourselves and our forefathers. A looming presence of harm and danger in the abyss where the Abrahamic Gods loom. In the darkness of day , in the light of night these demons push their despotic chaos further and further into our dimensional habitats. All that is born from this decay is more decay for us to purify.. As we each possess an inane ability to transmute this dense manipulation of trauma into beauty and creativity without batting an eyelid. Some of us have suffered so much that we act out the transmutational process of this black innocuous goo which seems to be some inter-dimensional vaccine created to call on us to identify the source of this genetic traveller. 

In this unmiraculous two dimensional world which is bursting for validation, we know it is not of us that implores us to participate in this distorted, immoral, sadistic, sacrificial routine of mediocrity. While the bloodlines of aristocracy await their seductive ceremonies into the seals and logos of demonic possession, unable to withdraw once the childs blood has touched their lips. It as if they never existed, a continual loom of possession to infuse this futile existence. So weak and misery are the ones who need to deprive others of abundance. Their lives are shallow and weak, but nevertheless recorded as a log book of how to destroy human intent. Their castles, chateaus and manor houses hold screams of hereditary brutality. Their chatter is laced with the nightmares they must endure for all time. 

In segregating themselves from humanity other than to permeate lies and revel in the debauchery which seems normal obligatory behaviour. This clandestine takeover of humanity has only held on because of others wealth that was stolen in their wars. Their futile agenda of continually attacking the human collective spirit. It is now suffering the resistance humanity has endured for centuries. It is now seeing the practical assets of the human collective reestablishing our divine connection with one another. Those of us who have spent decades in sacrificing this outdated virtual reality for one that is beneficial to all. Those of us who go into the darkness to bind its benign and bloodthirsty impetus once the the stain has been felt within.

In killing the connection to the land they kill the collective soul. In cultivating fear they kill our collective spirit. So in order to dissolve the 'Soul Memory Virus' where once we connected to the soul line of our universal journey, we take up our rightful positions in the extermination of this humanaphobic parasite. Whether through the means of potential or pain or because it is part of our process to align ourselves with the truth, and whatever divine guidance we receive or seek. The only deception you need to emulate is that you are being deceived. In your sacredness if your willing, you will come face to face with preemptive cognition from the language of the soul to the spirit to the mind. Remembering that the mind has been infected with imperfection, and we are surely adding to this illusion in some way. 

Stay Sacred..........if you dare!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014



Let it be known that since the dawn of time, the heavens have held a seductive beckoning for all. In fact 90 percent of humanity spends its time wafting up into the clouds for some unbeknownst solitude. The pureness of spirit which each of us possess has no reason to go to uncharted territory. Especially when so much sacred information has been stolen from public discourse by these insidious Abrahamic Religions. Allowing your consciousness to drift upwards is a risky trip these days folks. Humanity is only now starting to grapple with the true origins our species. Not the mediocre whitewash written by the victors. We can only allow our individual bank of knowledge to guide us though through collective naivety we have allowed and have energised a bubble of fear which surrounds the planet at the present time. We have embraced fear as if it were and always was an integral part of human makeup.

In a time of irresponsibility and secrecy by monotheistic religions, governments and corporations who show NO reverence for the divine human, we needs to fuel our societies with self responsibility in everything we do. I'm not saying this to preach, I'm saying it because when done so it does not allow guilt, shame or self doubt to creep in to our consciousness. It acts as a shield to all of these lower base emotional tweaks which destabilise us. And as we have learnt from secrecy, it perpetrates a slow kill effect on each and every one of us during the course of our lives. Rendering us useless in any effect in rebuilding the bridges which have been demolished by the deceit and treachery of the patriarchal illusion. Binding us to energise their mediocre agenda because important legacies of humanity have been kept for those whose psychopathic minds have disconnected themselves from the Collective Imagination of beauty and love. 

In energising the antithesis we allow ourselves to take responsibility for the karmic reflux which is a major component of 'Involuntary Servitude'. Humanities descent into global slavery. A concept we are all familiar with at this point of our evolution. As a collective species we are not supposed to be in this situation at this point of time. A Golden Age is upon us and as we struggle to lift our selves from this madness each day the sparkle we held so dear for many years is seemingly losing its cherished momentum. Our dispassionate nature is a result of being poisoned with mediocrity and self hatred which will assure our disconnection to the global psyche and abandoned all who refuse to maintain its connection. Yet the maintenance manuals we have for survival are inadequate, written by disconnected quasi-spiritualists who have shied away from the true battle of our collective sanity and drifted into the uncharted heavens when the true predators of humanity exist. These spiritual clowns have been given information to bamboozle all of us and add to the stupidity of our species which affects each of us on a daily basis. It is a Global Pandemic!

By allowing ourselves to be mesmerised by the unknown, the uncharted, the hidden we disengage from our natural processes which allow us to evolve in our natural state. The fool and magician create illusions for us to replicate. Unfortunately many of the essential components of the illusion are hidden away or stolen so that we misunderstand the machinations of our own divinity. Yet we give of ourselves daily to these illusory gods and demons so that our true essence becomes repugnant to even our own destiny. This monumental sadness which has engulfed our collective psyche disconnects us from the unconditional love we are here to experience. It rapes our souls from moment to moment because we fuel existential agendas other than our own. We feed from this quasi-patriarchal establishment of mediocre ideologies which have been designed to destroy our true potential as a species. We hide behind malignant personas we create to handle this cruel illusion which we have entered. 

The current psychopathic patriarchal establishment is here not as a result of our misgivings towards our fellow humans. It is here because it owns the current reality and we are caught up in its treachery. By no means is it nurturing, nor does it have the capacity for unconditionality. It relies of our servitude towards it through fear and self loathing. It feeds on the chaos it creates in each moment. Yet most of us feel paralysed to do anything about it, we feel it is too overwhelming and acts as a giant vacuum the way it invades our sacred space. We consume fear more than anything else on this planet, we allow it to enter us because we have not disengaged from its deception. We have been indoctrinated to do nothing less. With that ancient adage of 'As above so below' do we redress the balance in our daily lives as to what we have given to it and what we have accepted from it. How much of ourselves do we imprint our reality with? Or are we just a collage of what we accept from this distorted reality.? 

Seems to me that we owe it to the collective imagination to feed ourselves into it rather than retract energy from it. In our quest for unconditional giving we allow ourselves to offer others to replicate the same. For those of us who replicate taking, something this current establishments has perfected, we hoard posthumous energies from past ages which we energise to infect our current reality. We keep timelines open which will inevitably destroy our true essence of giving, unconditionally. We become so engulfed with our accolades and hoard our material gifts so close that anything of universal value doesn't get a look in. We validate our egoic greatness to those who do the same. Allowing us never to connect with the ones who have important information for us regarding our true destiny. We become obese with consuming other destinies that our own takes multiple lifetimes to achieve. 

Each generation transcends our apathy and sheds the old information bringing in new information needed to peel the layers of this illusory conformity. It is all part of a universal process of elimination. Just look at the human body and its physiological functions. We forget to eliminate certain things from our lives thus allowing them to manifest in secrecy and finally circumnavigating us to our demise. The exercise machine you bought online, its now in the trash. The information you took responsibility for from a quasi-enlightened individual claiming to have received it from a higher source. Lying redundant in your mind because you have not moved it on nor had closure with it. Well I don't want to bust your bubble but it is still in your subconscious mind, buried deep within so that any real information that may come your way will be identified as drivel.  The symbolic messages you have been receiving from your deep mind have been neglected because you've swallowed too much deception. 

Our deep mind is a river my friends. It needs to be flowing at all times. We ingest so much mediocrity into our conscious mind that it dams up the subconscious. Filling our hearts with black goo and slowly turning us into machines. The transhumanism movement has gained so much momentum because we have no reference point of what it is to be human. It has replaced our ability to be an individual tree in the forest but also be connect to all trees. It is the result of being cut off, severed from our hearts because we take in so much trash and own it. Instead of giving of ourselves to heal the wounded collective soul. We are indeed at the precipice of a new species, but they will be malevolent in nature as they already are now. They will show you evil as you have never seen it before. They will imprison all who feel, love and give of themselves eventually, for that is their agenda. But it is their agenda....not ours. 

We need to detach ourselves from this monstrous evil one at a time and become the observer of it. We need to ground ourselves deep within the earth before we go sailing out into the heavens. We need to to resurrect the foundations of cultures whose stories have these components of the connection to Mother Earth imbedded in them. Only then do we stand a chance against this cyborgic illusion of the demise of humanity. It is not that it will happen, for there are no matches in this universal construct to match the will and destiny of the human anthropos. But the masters of deception and illusion who have a beef with humanity will suck you into their virtual reality and you will be lost forever. And so many of us are signing up for this slaughter as we speak. So many are relinquishing from the greatest battle the universe has witnessed. So many are giving up our power. 

I hope you're not one of them. 

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014



When was the last time you did something for yourself? Whole heartedly for yourself? I know, its becoming a rare occurrence to have time in your mind dedicated to something which makes you truly happy and contented. Well get used to it because what is going on inside your mind is merely the tip of the iceberg. It's going to get awfully congested in there if you don't start sorting out what exactly exists within your own mind. Pre- internet seemed to be a relatively peaceful existence for most, but with the huge download of information accessible to all it seems a lot of us have lost the plot as to who we really are and what we really want in life. 

It is a great challenge to be alive in this time, let alone accommodating the information paradigm which is with us in this very moment. So how do we integrate our own consciousness into this hyper fed brain of global intelligence? Without the fear of losing our minds. Well lets look at the mind construct for a moment. Research which was carried out by covert intelligence agencies indicate that the mind is very similar to the Rubiks Cube. In fact Scientists from the MK Ultra Programme likened the mind to a 13 x 13 Rubiks Cube. Insinuating that each human has the potential to house 196 different alter personalities. Each with their own compartment to house their identifiable personality traits. 

Within the confines of these insidious laboratories, millions of children were subjected to torturous experiments to deal with low to extreme levels of torture. The agenda was to find the portal into the higher realms of consciousness. Purely because these treacherous heinous people don't have access to higher dimensional consciousness because of their evil intent. So these are the rules of engagement people. These black budgets which have bottomed out post WW2 have become so huge that to enslave the whole human race, which is their agenda, seems to be a multi-trillion dollar industry which runs behind the scenes of all our daily lives. Strange isn't it that there is such an horrific agenda driven by psychopathic narcissists in all arenas, corporate/religious/political etc. 

Do we ever ask ourselves where is the source of this insanity, the moment, the decision to take on such a huge undertaking such as global enslavement of a planetary inhabitants. Well lets try and put some pieces of history together to make sense of this chaos. Forget contemporary history, it is just regurgitated propaganda spewed out by global control think tanks to pacify the population till their agenda is reached.  Early gnostic information revealed of an inter-dimensional threat on humanity in the guise of mind parasites which are capable of seeding the mind with thoughts that are not original but coercions to infiltrate the individual to take responsibility of an alternative intent. The penultimate prize for the mindseeders is that the mind to not allow compassion or empathy to be present therefore rendering the personas into a psychopathic psychosis. Most if not all involved in all facets of religion/corporatocracy/politics have fallen under this spell. The next phase of this agenda is "Transhumanism'. 

The Roman Catholic Church which has its headquarters in the Vatican is ground zero for this heinous quasi evolutionary step for humanity. There is no other organisation in the history of humanity which so much blood on their hands. We know the 'Beast of the Sea' is the political arm of Catholicism,  in fact Politics itself is an invention of this establishment, as well as most other religious denominations. Contemporary figures  regarding political killings since post WW2 is 200,000,000. Two hundred million people my friends, which have been exterminated for political agendas in a 70 year period. I perceive that to be a conservative estimate as well. 

So lets take a look inside the Vatican for a moment. On an opposite side of St. Peters Square we have the headquarters of the Jesuits, run by the 'Black Pope'. This organisation are responsible for creating chaos. Divide and Conquer is their motto, and they do it well. They start wars and finance both sides all for the sake of chaos and profit. Of course they have their own agencies for financial distribution such as the banking fraternity. You'll find many politicians have been Jesuit trained, and if you have ever researched this organisation no one gets out alive. They run the mafias, drug trade, pedophile rings, child trafficking, sex slave industry. In fact most of the ideas for crimes against humanity have come out of one of their think tanks. Their anti-christ prophecy is still being manifested today with the building of the new Temple of Solomon in Israel. It  will house their one world religion. 

One of the main reasons for events such as the 'Inquisition' and the 'Dark Ages' was to eradicate all traces of this gnostic information from the public record and discourse. The reason why the Great Library of Alexandria was burnt to the ground was to eradicate this information regarding this inter-dimensional predator referred to by the old Gnostics (Telestai) as the 'Archons'. These cyborgic creatures were present in this local galaxy when humanity was seeded onto this planet. The event which tainted them with our divinity caused them to proclaim themselves as the Abrahamic Gods. I will not go into too much detail because it is up to each and everyone of us to research this information to gain clarity on the 'Archontic Agenda'. There is more than enough information circulating throughout the internet for you to come to some conclusion regarding these 4th dimensional parasites. Some may know them as the Annunaki, but I do want to stress one point. The tales of humanity being tweaked by these entities regarding our DNA are false. Humanity has a divine agenda which has been coded into our DNA from source itself. No one in the universe has the ability to counteract that agenda, and all attempts have failed. If you believe that this is false then you are tainted with the illusion that afflicts many. 

Many of you who read this information for the first time will shy away from it. It is too big for you to handle in your lives right now. But let me tell you that there are millions of people who have been researching this information for decades are aware of how this systemic human abuse perpetrates our Collective Consciousness. Many of you will go through such an awakening of your own consciousness that everything you were ever told was a lie. But rest assured that deep within you lies the spark of the divine. For the last 2000 years  there has been an all out war on the 'Divine Feminine' which dwells within each and everyone of us. You can see it playing out in all facets of your lives, no one can escape it. The ones who are heeding this calling will stand as reference points for all of us to want better for our own lives and the lives of all of natures children. There is so much fear being manifested each second of our lives that it should spark that connection to the divine agenda we hold and realise we have come to this planet to stop this de-evolution of our species. We are 'System Busters' who have volunteered to be apart of this global renaissance. I leave it up to you to search within yourself for there lies the 'Spark of the Divine Warrior'. 

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014



In this theoretical assimilation into humanity's transparency paradigm within the current consciousness, we leave behind decades of useless rhetorical propaganda regurgitated with mediocre intent of turning each and everyone of  us into a mindless automated clone to serve our current mediocratic masters, all for the sake that their path to enlightenment is theirs and theirs alone. You see, each and everyone of our current masters, whomever they might be, are waging war on everyone outside their circle. A small contentious circle nevertheless. This circle of self professed Ambassadors of God who believe they are the rightful heirs to this planet and it's evolution. An evolution which has been documented for millions of years. If not by pens, by the ridges in rock, rungs in the trees, and the evolution of unseen natural forces documenting our existence that we are yet to discover. 

As all wars throughout the centuries have been a predominant source of eugenics, of looting cultural antiquity, this inner circle have and are destroying and stealing documented evidence pertaining to humanity's spiritual and collective evolution. A beautiful history drenched in a magical mythological story. As of post WW2 the machine of destruction has amplified its intent and most of all has come out of hiding. This step is brave, however psychopathic they may be. You can liken it to a politician taking a massive snort of cocaine and delivering a major speech (full of lies) to their constituents. Unbeknownst to them of their deceit and quasi-bravado induced by the drug of power itself. The gravity of the political agenda on this planet is about to hit pandemic proportions, and 2014 is not only the tipping point but the eruption of something humanity has never witnessed before. 

The 'Collective Imagination' is a weapon of the mass consciousness rarely witnessed by those who feed and draw from its truths. Since the gradual awareness of each and every one of us is ripening,  we are taking back our lives, our responsibility has opened itself to a global level. The knowledge we ingest filters through our minds and with the help of the sub-consciousness peels away the lies, leaving the truth to participate in our individual evolution. For nearly three decades now, the Internet has played a major role in the awakening of our collective consciousness. It pertains to the manifestation of an external representation of the 'Ɓkashic Records'.  This parallel is often missed in the interpretation of why the Internet is even here for all to use. Mankind, during the last two centuries has been eager to give birth to something which connects each and everyone of us in some way or another. 

With the destabilization of global societies to fit the coming New World Order Agenda, this uncomfortable ride has given humans a new lease of life. It has wedged them out of their numbness created by this material revolution conjured up by the powers that be and into creating an awareness within each individuals psyche to be almost like a secret agent. Going about their own business but having a tool of mammoth proportions to feed off of. But most fear they are biting the fruit of the forbidden apple. Information privy to top level security clearance personal is now within everyones reach. As we each insatiably glutton ourselves with terabytes of stored information we inevitably are inducing some form of metamorphosis which will take us through this hidden membrane of knowledge and change our lives forever for better or for worse. 

What kind of mind has the ability to churn through this slush of gnosis and create some sort of logic reasoning which will point us to our yellow brick road, our true destiny. We are fast tracking our individual enlightenment as to what is really going on on this planet in this very moment.  But how big a moment do you want to encapsulate? How ready are you for coming face to face with the prophetical beast? How much time can you give to this enormous task? It has been thirty years of extreme ratification for me. Not infusing myself into this industrial slavery revolution which has incarcerated billions of souls into its toxic bowel has been a task within itself. As years go by you connect into another stream of energy which exists parallel to this enslavement. Something that was here before this debauchery began. One beckons to identify this freedom of the soul/spirit whilst inside the matrix of slavery. It is impossible to do. One has to unplug the tendrils of this madness prior to even acknowledging something other than this reality exists. 

Yet each and everyone of us has the potential to unhook these tentacles of madness, in allowing ourselves to even create a space in time to witness this energy and interplay with it. It is often perceived in my reality that one becomes invisible to those who are caught up in their own enslavement by proxy. Yet other times when interacting with humans who are caught up in this quasi-evolutionary hoax they become so demonically intoxicated because they are unable to put you in a box. This can lead to interesting and sometimes hazardous moments trying to disconnect individuals if they aren't ready to trust themselves and take that leap of faith that there is something other than slavery to connect to on this planet. As years go by one doesn't consciously go out of their way to attempt to do this by individual  disconnection. A proponent of trusting oneself is to become triologically vulnerable. That is to say to empty oneself of any expectations one has to any systemic involvement on all three levels. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. As one achieves this disconnection, this expectation, this polymorphic delusion of reality, something else beyond our understanding will make contact with you. 

Starting from the higher dimensional realm to the release of the entrapment of time itself. There are no gurus, mentors of sponsors. There is just you and the space you take up in that moment. An avatar vying for external validation from within yourself. A created persona crying out for recognition and demanding a humane interpretation to die. This existence we inhabit momentarily is here because within it lies torture, bloodthirsty multi-dimensional predators waiting to devour your spirit, your soul, your mind, your body, your experiences, but most of all your LOVE. Nothing like this moment has ever taken place in this universe before, and nothing will ever again. It is a time when the Queens will choose their Kings to battle these demons. They have called you here and you have accepted the greatest pilgrimage of any of the souls inhabiting the universe at this moment in time. 

Are you up for the challenge?

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Some aspiring spiritualists have noted that each of us have embedded within our physical bodies, luminous cords of light reaching far out into the galactic core. These golden tendrils are systematically receiving and transmitting information of some exotic significance. As we concur with this current existence, most people have no need nor desire to allow this ethereal function to interweave in our daily lives. Eastern philosophical spiritualism with it magical references that each human archetype is a direct reflection of our creator source seems to be of no significance in our current state of awareness. Whether you shun these beliefs there is something magical about each and everyone of us. Existing on some peripheral dimension, this magic has almost become a belligerent parasite which deserves none of our energy at all. 

Our masks we wear daily fluctuate in a tormented reverence, almost defying our true source and true power. One could say the memories we hold onto alleviates any notion that our true strength is always out of reach. Some of us embellish in realizations only limited in the parameters we are allow to exist. Our own subconscious has basically taken us prisoner. The limited information regarding the technology of our psyche has been suppressed for a very good reason. Each persona we create to deal with life''s traumas has not been allowed the reverence of being properly relinquished from deep within our minds. So for each and everyone of us there are multiple if not scores of peripherated entities, half concocted and still manifesting in some way or another. 

The traumatized child lurks within each adult, creating disturbances periodically when confronting situations arise. A reactive and conflicting child unable to find resolve, trapped within the distorted psyche in this atmosphere of a fear based society. Whether we admit it or not, we are all far from connecting to our true rights of passage. The accumulation of distortion we allow to penetrate our minds moment to moment has rendered us in allowing mediocre perceptions of ourselves to coexist with a significant potential we rarely seek. Seldom do we connect to our greatness, seldom do we attain a connection to the super-conscious mind with which we are all connected. Instead we calibrate our insignificant lives to meet with the demands of an external threat which we cannot see, cannot define and cannot overcome. 

These contextual subordinations are our gift to this reality. In the giving of this lesser manifestation of ourselves we help shape this mediocre visualization of what this life has to offer. There is no doubt that the human is under severe attack from more than just corporations and secret societies which are self proclaimed enemies of human evolution.  We are under attack from the deceit and treachery of things unseen and hidden from our current reality. We need, as a collective, to define these subversive coercions and infiltrate the realms of activity which serves to harm each and every one of us. 

Many of us have began this journey thirty or more years ago. The journey up until now has allowed us to elevate our own consciousness to an extent where we are more than ready for this battle of the unseen. Whichever weapon you choose for this battle you need to also have defined the intent of your role. So as we tread with caution into 2014, enrich your understanding regarding the trust you have in yourself, and prepare for the fight for your mind from those who think it is theirs to plagiarize. Welcome to 2014.

STAY SACRED.........if you dare!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


During the course of ones lifetime, we utilise the knowledge we have learnt from those around us who have opened our minds to information which enhances our spectrum of understanding. Each day this knowledge influences our decision making in everything we do, say and think. With the family dynamic in severe tatters, it is hard to rely on this bank of knowledge within the subconscious to maintain a steady and sturdy direction as we mosey on our paths of destiny. Our stumbling through this difficult time has a awkwardness of unknowing to it, as we become observers of cataclysmic and catastrophic bliss. The turbulent balance of this moment leaves one tired and empty by the end of each day. Yet we still wake each morning to another round of extreme understanding. We have been preparing for this moment for many lifetimes, and now that it is here the consolidation needed to remain sane whilst each occurrence stirs up doom and gloom is nothing more than miraculous.

Information is a strange bedfellow. It urges one to uplift themselves to a higher level of awareness but still creates expectations of anything more than apocalyptic. We ride this wave with a stamina not known of the human anthropos since the dawn of time. This concept of the 'Human Collective Imagination' has some merit when truly understanding its contemporary function as we connect with each other through compassion and empathy. There are now millions of truly awake humans energising this 'Collective Imagination' moment by moment. We are allowed at this time to create a world free of Fear. Every experience within the realm of Fear has allowed us to discard it from our own individual psyches, in turn we add our story to the great library of human existence. But what lurks behind the veil of deception keeps trying to seed our imaginations with its unimpressive agenda. It's tragic and traumatic need to usurp human evolution for its bitter and twisted end.  

The fantasy which has infiltrated our egoic minds has no right to be there, but it is. Allowing us to create synthetic personas to energise and engage others who do the same. It has layered itself over our true identity in such away that it is almost impossible to detect. But bathing in reverent exploits such as synchronicity and intuition we unmask this mediocre agenda and see it for what it truly is. A cry for validation from a time and space beyond this moment. A reaching out from another species of intellect whose only level of acknowledgement is so conflicting with ours that our blending of the two minds will inevitability end in the total destruction of both sources of life. It creates its destructive portals through levels of power on this planet such as religion, politics and anything to do with power. It disguises itself intuitively into everything you desire. It interbreeds with your dreams, salivates at seduction and rapes all creative inspiration. We cohabitate with this ethereal force with each breath, and yes, we allow it to infiltrate our sacredness. 

What is it ? you may ask. Well I cannot tell you. You have to find out for yourself. But I can tell you this. IT is why we live in fear of our greatness. IT is what we die aimlessly for. IT is what we contaminate our preciousness with. IT defines the moment of our true heroism and turns them into shallow and dubious acts of cowardliness. IT wants you to embrace its mediocrity and embellish in its  blasphemic altruism. IT will keep you away from your defining moment of enlightenment. I will give you a hint though...... Let's call it 'BRAND X'

Its labyrinth of deceit replicates desire the same way a robot would show love. It hides in the CGI (computer generated graphics) of our reality. The illusion of its existence is probably the greatest dilemma of our time. It has taken me 56 years to define IT. 

Now let's see how long it takes YOU to find 'IT'.

STAY SACRED.......if you dare!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The shackles of an arduous Piscean Age. 

With all the political garbage contaminating human evolution, it's a wonder humanity will ever be able to scrape the grotesque goo left by Politics/Religion/Science. Three totally contaminated conceptual identities given to the human populace to organise itself into some form of organic tendril, as to fuse with the Planetary Animal Mother (PAM) and the Galactic Core for our intense journey through this deconstructing FEAR PARADIGM. 

One could surely be in total collapse due to the misuse of Collective Imagining. The extreme methods used by this 'Fear Culture' to destabilise human evolution for its own pathetic agendas has severely halted what could have been an organic flow into an Earth free of FEAR. This is the big one Folks. This is what we have been called to do. Nothing else. Yet some are overwhelmed by their own greatness, and create a continuum within their own psyche to keep it that way. Are they merely hiding from their true destiny? Or are have they been cut off from the very source which they were created?

It's quite ironic to hear people's interpretation of playing down their true greatness. Whether denying their very existence is enough to celebrate life each second, or connect a part of themselves to an energy source which has been here even before the planet existed. Im referring to a poignant and graceful illumination seen in all living creatures.  Whether through a microscope or the naked eye, when one connects with beauty, one never forgets the experience. 

We as a human collective are in the midst now of seeing Collective Greatness on a massive scale. Corporations being challenged because of their heinous ethical behaviour to humanity. Governments being thrown out by millions of people. Inventions being created by young and aspiring souls who believe what they stand for has merit. These are not mere occurrences, this is 'Dynamic Collective Intent' ('DCI) at play. The energies being released now by the Collective Consciousness have but one intent driving them, and that is 'LOVE'. No other DCI has the power to do what is being done. No other DCI has the agenda to do what is being done in this moment in time. 

Some of you sit sadly on the sidelines, refusing to believe you have played any part in this majesty and triumph of Human Intent. I beg to differ. Your life, whether you believe it or not, has been created for this purpose. All you have to do is peel the layers of negative systemic propaganda which has infiltrated your psyche. We do not have to bow to evil like our parents did. We do not have to take responsibility for their inaction to their Divine Destiny. Give it back to them. Remember, humans are replicators. We learn by copying others. If our learning leads us to making mistakes then we create a portal where our own individual magnificence can transcend old teachings, and this is where we see our 'True Selves' share in this Collective journey through FEAR.

So as you suffer in the silence of each waking breath, know you are being transformed and are transforming on a Global Scale. Sit silently with people and create intents which free others of the shackles of shame and guilt vilified by unethical establishments in the guise of goodness. Watch as another part of you creates. Allow ALL of yourself to play in the true game of life. Be compassionate and empathetic to the human dilemma being perpetrated against humanity by a few psychopathic minds.  And be assured your LOVE has an integral part to play in this evolutionary transformation. 

STAY SACRED........if you dare!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2012