Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The shackles of an arduous Piscean Age. 

With all the political garbage contaminating human evolution, it's a wonder humanity will ever be able to scrape the grotesque goo left by Politics/Religion/Science. Three totally contaminated conceptual identities given to the human populace to organise itself into some form of organic tendril, as to fuse with the Planetary Animal Mother (PAM) and the Galactic Core for our intense journey through this deconstructing FEAR PARADIGM. 

One could surely be in total collapse due to the misuse of Collective Imagining. The extreme methods used by this 'Fear Culture' to destabilise human evolution for its own pathetic agendas has severely halted what could have been an organic flow into an Earth free of FEAR. This is the big one Folks. This is what we have been called to do. Nothing else. Yet some are overwhelmed by their own greatness, and create a continuum within their own psyche to keep it that way. Are they merely hiding from their true destiny? Or are have they been cut off from the very source which they were created?

It's quite ironic to hear people's interpretation of playing down their true greatness. Whether denying their very existence is enough to celebrate life each second, or connect a part of themselves to an energy source which has been here even before the planet existed. Im referring to a poignant and graceful illumination seen in all living creatures.  Whether through a microscope or the naked eye, when one connects with beauty, one never forgets the experience. 

We as a human collective are in the midst now of seeing Collective Greatness on a massive scale. Corporations being challenged because of their heinous ethical behaviour to humanity. Governments being thrown out by millions of people. Inventions being created by young and aspiring souls who believe what they stand for has merit. These are not mere occurrences, this is 'Dynamic Collective Intent' ('DCI) at play. The energies being released now by the Collective Consciousness have but one intent driving them, and that is 'LOVE'. No other DCI has the power to do what is being done. No other DCI has the agenda to do what is being done in this moment in time. 

Some of you sit sadly on the sidelines, refusing to believe you have played any part in this majesty and triumph of Human Intent. I beg to differ. Your life, whether you believe it or not, has been created for this purpose. All you have to do is peel the layers of negative systemic propaganda which has infiltrated your psyche. We do not have to bow to evil like our parents did. We do not have to take responsibility for their inaction to their Divine Destiny. Give it back to them. Remember, humans are replicators. We learn by copying others. If our learning leads us to making mistakes then we create a portal where our own individual magnificence can transcend old teachings, and this is where we see our 'True Selves' share in this Collective journey through FEAR.

So as you suffer in the silence of each waking breath, know you are being transformed and are transforming on a Global Scale. Sit silently with people and create intents which free others of the shackles of shame and guilt vilified by unethical establishments in the guise of goodness. Watch as another part of you creates. Allow ALL of yourself to play in the true game of life. Be compassionate and empathetic to the human dilemma being perpetrated against humanity by a few psychopathic minds.  And be assured your LOVE has an integral part to play in this evolutionary transformation. 

STAY SACRED........if you dare!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2012