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  1. hello Dave,
    i am interested to know how you reconcile unity-conscious theory with your views on society
    if i might explain, it is my belief that dualism is only an apparent fact, the closer i look at things the more i see there is no division.
    when you say "The binding agent driving this ambiguous manipulation is part of an alien technology, which has been used as social control mechanisms disguised as humane and enlightening constructs which we gladly submit to."
    i'm like yeah, sure, theres a lot of shit in the world. its good to be aware. and yet how are we to do anything about it? by maintaining that there is this evil entity that must be defeated at all costs? for how long has that perspective of good v. evil been going for? - isn't it this very perspective that has set the agenda for all the war and disharmony all these years?
    einstein says you can't fix a problem with the same thinking that created it. so i choose a different perspective. maybe this won't work either, but im pretty sure building barriers between "us and them" isn't going to have much of an effect either.

    when i look at myself i see an identity, an ego that dominates the way i think, feel, act, dress, move, hold myself, etc. i see other aspects of my identity being denied and suppressed by my primary identity. marginalised for fear that they will dilute or even destroy the dominant identity. as i encourage investigation of the barriers that stand between my primary self and my emergent selves i realise that the only thing holding me back from integration with everything else is my own fear that i will change, that the "I" that i think is me will have to die in order for something else to be birthed.

    i see the same thing in our society - there is a dominant social identity that marginalises all other perspectives and groups. but what holds us apart? fear! the dominant culture is scared that the way it knows, the way it has existed, will end, will be diluted, will be destroyed by these emergent forces. rather than allow diversity to enable a fluid, adaptable, creative humanity to arise, it instead suppresses any attempt to change things.
    we are all partly identified/identifying with the dominant culture and the emergent culture and so we find these divisions within ourselves. we find this fear, this disjointedness, this unwholesomeness inside ourselves. we find ourselves playing into that fear. we find ourselves damning dominant culture for its rigidity, for its unfeeling dogmatic damnation of anything other. yet what does this achieve? only a deepening of the very thing that is holding us apart: fear and its child, anger. does it resolve the issues of the world? does it help us to move towards a more inclusive society where everyone is connected and connecting, where people are looked after and abuse is addressed and trauma is healed? i don't think so. and so i work towards developing wholesome authenticity in myself and in my society. the two are inseparable, our work on both is just as important as the other... both support each others development.

    what i mean to say is that i don't think that it's about blaiming one side and championing the other, or saying that dominant culture is bad and new age ascension culture is right - its about accepting both and recognising that they are all one - both aspects of the same thing: real life culture trying to express itself; not dependant on the others destruction but mutually beneficial to each others growth and evolution - from that realisation we then begin to work towards practical unification to support the growth and evolution of all cultures, all expressions, all one.

    what do you reckon?

    ff xx