Sunday, November 4, 2018



These self-appointed gods of capitalism are hiding in their glass towers concocting a false rhetoric purely for the suffering and torment of humanity. Each human participant who is unaware of this collusion is being taken further away from their own destiny in order to fuel this destructive and mediocre fantasy in which these parasites of industry dwell. In trying to manifest a coherent.

Every breath of responsibility echo through the murky atmosphere of noncompliance and restoric anarchy.   My estimations wither at the level of sadness the collective is experiencing at the moment. Why such an abominable set of turbulent experiences to taint our journey here on earth with dire collective oppression using guilt and shame. The lingering threat of extinction distorts the mind into believing that helplessness is a more useful tool at this moment in time than bravado.

A bravado which flows in the veins of generations in process of transmuting all collective trauma into love. It is by no means a finite quest of freedom taking us all for a ride on the tail of the great beast as time draws near to its last and final breath. We have to go through its pain of existence, we have to suffer what it suffers, a barren road of inexperience of the true divine. It steals the sacrosanct moments from our holy bodies, those sacred realisations that we are here to participate in a dimensional reset of universal proportions. The black sheep lingo we have been spouting for decades is now paying off. This new sense of selflessness we are embracing is opening us up to the journey of many lifetimes culminating into this cantankerous moment.  

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