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Throughout many centuries, lies and deception have been the tools used by Corporations, Governments and Religions to coerce the masses into conforming to their will. Many of us who are undernourished and underwhelmed at their mediocre and feeble attempts to sway our integrity and social moral by a continuous barrage of images and news articles as to the pain and suffering of the human species. Images we rarely forget. Humanity, on the whole has still thrived as an organic entity using the collective imagination to create wonderful and potentially miraculous inventions and discoveries to fulfil our purpose here on this amazing alive planet. During the course of the centuries men who have indulged in acquiring power for their own desire come under a spell, which the rest of us are protected from. Historical record shows us that while their psychopathic tendencies demand they inflict pain on the masses, these beasts, which really can't be called human, always come to an abrupt Holt, as it will be in this moment in time. We know there is a cyclic continuum that permeates through each moment in time. We are continually confronted with this perceptual energy. Yet in my knowledge, destruction seems to be relegated within the Patriarchal Systemic evolution as a necessity for it to evolve.

Why is this & why are we berated and shunned as ordinary folk when we question this anomaly?

In my lifetime I have been privy to most if not all the components of anger within the male psyche. Predation or otherwise. My conclusions may not offer you a solution to the current dilemma, but in the wisdom I have collated I implore you if you are a man you need to hear me out. We as compassionate and empathical creatures have been denied one component of the human story. Our true CREATION MYTH. Whether you are religious or not, the destabilizing factor which the Oligarchs create, is due to the fact that since the beginning of the Patriarchal System, new creation myths have been concocted to take the place of one that was embellished and celebrated within the Matriarchal System. Although many, if not most men in our western culture shy away from the concept, their refusal to awaken themselves, and their continual denial that the within the feminine psyche there lies an innate ability to nurture. Regardless of what your belief systems tell you of that period of time, the mystical earth was a preeminent priority. In that deed of nurturing the planet, there came a flow on effect into the collective consciousness of being willing and able to nurture ourselves. So please reach into your soul and find the answer to this continual obliteration? Natural Systems have a nourishment and freedom component we have not seen on this planet since the beginning of the Dark Ages.

Yet we continually, as a gender, justify this synthetic machismo we have created. Have we ever existed in Harmony? This question poses scholars to direct us to moments in contemporary history when there were no wars. Short, if not tiny sporadic periods were momentarily celebrated. But to no avail. War has always returned. More violent, more destructive as the one before. Today, at this very moment in time we stand at the precipice of total annihilation or total freedom. One is going to succeed; one is going to be the winner. It is up to the individual to come to the conclusion which one. Sure, there will never be another global matriarchal system in place, there needs to be a fusion of the both genders to render this destruction redundant. ‘A HOLYARCHAL’ if you like. A New System of evolution is at our reach. Embrace it. War has never been the answer. Will never be. Let us enjoy our stay here on this big ball hurtling through space. Find PEACE within yourself, and then share it.

STAY SACRED MY FRIENDS...we are journeying through fear, the end is near. 

© Copyright David O'Brien 2011

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