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With streams of elucidated stealth, we seemingly become unaware of the tantamount undertakings the human collective imagination does on a daily basis. Consider six and a half billion people all imagining peace and abundance simultaneously. On a twenty four hour time frame, what would be the effect of this global manifestation? We have reoccurring memories, each and everyone of us, of times when our collective enlightenment was alive and well here on Gaia. We shun the disposition which fear directs us. We spend a great deal of our time affixed to this momentum. Searching for answers inside our minds. Hoping to connect to other souls which have the identical agenda. We walk, drive, ride in observation as we see our fellow travellers doing the same. We try to connect with sight, for this will tell us if they are kindred spirits. We keep searching endlessly through the matrix of bodies which surround our daily lives. Most of us hold close a few special friends. To share this journey we are having in unison. 

What make these people so special to us? 

Whether esoteric aspects surface immediately or enter through abstract means within personal relationships, there is always initially a subconscious impetus to spark moments of extreme clarity. We constantly ask ourselves as we enter new phases of existing relationships whether specific people should come along for the ride or should we precipitate a disconnection to allow them to decide whether or not to stay or go. Nevertheless in giving over the decision, bonds are broken or strengthened further. 

In present contemporary western society a new anomaly is surfacing which is having dramatic ramifications for those individuals who consider themselves 'awake and aware'. They are peeling off friends and family who are ignorant of the information they are ingesting. Making rash decisions to eradicate those sleeping in the midst of an enormous injection of spiritual and political gnosis, mainly to do with a sudden transparency within their own consciousness. Yet purely defined boundaries are placing them in extreme and intense confrontations with others who cannot perceive where their journey will take them. There also seems to be a lessening of guilt and grieving for those who have been let go of. Deeming their predictable behaviour as abhorrent and not worthy of empathy and compassion to help them understand their call to arms. 

These modern day pandemics are damaging to the collective imagination. Those who disconnect from life long friends and family are keeping the separation paradigm fuelled, creating large amounts of confusion within many of their deepest connections made this lifetime. In the depths of the subconscious mind, distorted behavioural patterns created in childhood as a result of replicating dysfunctional tendencies of those who have predated or caused trauma to the individual, generating inconstant behaviour for those who are reacting critically to others who are 'not in the know'.  Irrational decisions are being made as if nothing is consequential. Denying themselves important and nourishing continuums created in youth. Remember that friends who have been through tough times with each of us are there for a reason. Yet this shedding has its roots in logistical fear that our responsibility lies with those who are on the same path of enlightenment, not to those who have braved our past with us. 

It is now that call to arms has been heard globally. People are becoming warriors with a sense that there is an enemy that must be gotten rid of to secure humanities next stage of evolution. Yet we discard others in our lives to heed these noble causes. So where does it leave the neglected? Confused, sad, alone, distrusting of others who may do the same. 

This leaves me with an observation I can only call my own at present, but must be looked at thoroughly. 

Is it the 'AWAKE AND AWARE' that create these sheople everyone is talking about?

Are they just discarded loved ones, friends and families of those who have gone in search of the enemy, wherever they may hide?

Millions each day are connecting on levels of solidarity to a cause they believe is their true destiny. Of the strewn and forgotten, what will become of them. Are they left to perish because of their simplistic needs? Each a lack of desire to be warrior or fighter of this perilous beast. Or is it something that we have overlooked? The Human Condition. 

Remember...There are shepherds and there are sheep...But they always have each other!


© Copyright David O'Brien 2012

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