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Please be safe within your mind at this important juncture of humanity. A force has set upon us, which is not conducive to our Collective Souls Destiny of safety, balance and contentment. Many of you will read this and feel there is no need to be wary. If that is your wish, then so be it. During humanities cultural induction into the current Fear Paradigm, post 1933, we have lost and been cut off from collective tools, which keep our Collective Imagination safe from any threat, locally and universally. As we all open ourselves to the 2012 hypothesis, whether apocalyptic or utopian, we need to look at our connection to the EARTH. 

Throughout our lives mythology has given us wonderful concepts to embrace in re-creating the magi-c that has so vehemently been preyed upon by Religions and Politics. The 'Beast from the Sea’ and the 'Beast from the Land'. Let's look closely at these two terminologies that we can find bandied about in the Book of Revelations. 

The Beast from the Sea, POLITICS, indicates to me that we know Sovereignty has been deleted from our collective script into creating a world full of vacuous sheep, led by the Dark Shepherds. Whose greed and lust for power has rendered them as Psychopaths. But why the SEA? Well, the current legal system operating in Politics is 'Admiralty Law', which governs the sea. It has been coagulated and redefined and also manipulated that this is the law we are suppose to live by on land. But this is where the Bankers fill their pockets with the spoils of this deception. Their clever and sinister plan to make money from each and every one of us has been one of the most guarded secrets of all contemporary time.

The fact that through theft and deception these same Bankers have bankrupted every government on the planet through coercion and most often targeting all individuals who participate in the 'Game of Politics'. Blackmail, sexual misconduct, threatening families, even death of loved ones in many instances. But do these political figures realise the skulduggery that is attached to their profession? Many don't, some do. But since the end of WW11, more than 60 countries throughout the world have been decimated because they dare to evolve and implement progressive co-habitational models, which allow their societies to improve and nurture their citizens. This is a fundamental component of being human.

'The only permanent thing on the planet is change'. 

In defying the Bankers mandate to control all societies, Political Agencies such as 'Foreign Policy' are turned into war machines to implement this mandate through sheer force. Syphoning all monies from the created class structures to feed these beasts. Keeping the planet in a continuous state of destabilisation, purely for control purposes. Who could have dreamed up such a barbaric plan? Would we as human beings create such a world for our children? 

I don't think so!

Then there is "The Beast from the Land'. RELIGION. The barbaric wars, which have been fought on land for the last 1600 years, all in the name of Religious prosperity. So called divine doctrines to aid individuals to a state of 'Rapture & Enlightenment', from the beginning of the Dark Ages. Initiated by a group of Misogynist Religious Zealots, whose lust for power and hate of woman drove a Religious killing machine still very much alive 1600 years later. The hills and valleys throughout the world which are stained by these brutal Religiously perpetrated wars have not been sufficiently healed. But one thing to consider. This  persecution against women also was to be perpetrated on Mother Earth herself. Do not be fooled as to the real motivation of these demonic organizations to keep the earth herself in a constant state of sadness. 

And through this persecution, Corporations have taken over the Religious Mandate of the planet in the name of progress. So the Land and the Sea have been covered with this same agenda. We have been buried in a quagmire of male toxicity connected to a toxic power structure, and now the Collective Imagination is waking also. Believing that this is not what is meant to be. Imagining better lives for ourselves and our loved ones and also for the rest of humanity. We need to take responsibility of this Imagining, realising this is one of the tools in which humanity could lead itself out of the deluge of mans naivety. 

We are awakening our power again. Taking it back from the devils who stole it for their own. It was never theirs to begin with. The lists have been written for those who have fed from this insidious slush. Hundreds and thousands of people who took greed, power, manipulation and deception as their own and ran with it. What will become of these infidels when the Collective Soul awakens fully? I hope they will tend the fields of their misgivings. Stand on the earth they have tried to destroy. Because this is the next stage of their process. To feel the earths pain in totality. Whether they are left standing after that I don't know. I urge them to stop this insanity now, before their Life Review with GAIA. 

STAY SACRED....if you dare!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2012

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