Wednesday, May 13, 2015


As the sun sets each evening here in my little mountain village, I sit down at my desk and plug into cyberspace. The lament I continually feel as I participate in this cyberfusion gives me a sense of urgency with this information. Those of us who are even attempting to take on this hidden parasitic enemy which dwells deep within the human collective psyche, are collectively assimilating a new perception of this fear paradigm. Realising all that dwells within the mind doesn't necessarily originate from the mind. If what allows us to participate in this current reality, adheres to Universal Law, then the notion of a hierarchal platform seeding the universe with experiential learning with no attachment to the outcome can also apply to malevolent entities piercing the local dimensional veil then injecting manipulative propaganda into the collective mind. Interacting with the collective imagination specifically for this higher evolutionary agenda somehow has turned predatorial. Something has infected the superconscious mind to such an extent that humanity is becoming apathetic to the cause of its own destruction. 

We have been given a high dose of amnesia through a dimensional syringe injected into the Akashic. Not only has it nullified our previous existences but it has had a devastating effect on our interaction with each other. In the course of the last two thousand years the Akashic has been milked for an ulterior agenda. One of scarcity and conforming to the greater narrative of survival.  We are not of a survivalist race. We have an evolutionary diet of insight and experience. Whichever you perceive to be of your highest nature you must procure. It is the fundamental component to your individual journey, to begin the pilgrimage to the doors of the great Hall of Records. We must urge ourselves to remember the past deeds of our spirit and to allow the flow of prodigious knowledge of the Great Library to flow through our veins once again. 

We have run aground on this desert island with no understanding of why we are here. And those of us who are disciplined enough to make that journey back into the higher knowledge of our heritage. So we can be confronted with the assimilation of three paradigms intertwine in the cosmic dance. The past, present and the future. It is abhorrent even to think of those who refuse to accept this masterful journey. We can live side by side with the naive, wicked and the dominant, but they must have a visual  connection to those who have sacrificed the individual for the collective. This indicative stance grounds our testimony of transcending personal gratification for global justice. Injecting into the collective soul the anti-venom for fear. Rendering all those who wish to pervert the human collective destiny, blind. 

We have been on the same road since time began, and now an evolutionary step into the final moments of the existence of fear. The shelf life of the left over religion of Misogyny. The death of the wisdom goddess. The epochs of sensualized autonomy where wisdom prevailed for  centuries upon centuries was a part of our re-activation process back to the light of the collective soul validating itself from grandfather sun. The soul gazes upon itself,the sun. The sun purifies the soul and fuses each other with life force. This constant daily cleansing of the soul guarantees a constant connection to the collective soul. Filaments of the future are intermingling with the source of creation. What is happening at the beginning of this recent epoch is the insistency of the collective soul to interrogate the current historic truth. The beginning of the deconstruction of this alien agenda.

Mother Earth and her inhabitants are revolutionising the truth. Freeing it of the parables of lies and deception. These parasitic ideologies injected into the collective heart at a moment of deep sadness. The systemic rape of the innocence of life and a two dimensional lifestyle. We are tired because our hearts are disappearing into the wounds of the earth left by these two dimensional parasites. Tired because we are being poisoned with their lies and deception. We are being punished for our bravery, our apocrathy of nature. Punished for our ability to feel. And for two thousand years, purged of our individual connect to the akashic.  

These handcuffs of limitations, the forever scalding father who vilifies his childs existence. The copious amount of already damaged men trying to douse out the fires of lust and greed, and are weighed down by the sins of the father. Sound familiar, its your bogeyman, forever hiding in the darkness of your day. Spurting dysfunctional impulses from deep within the subconscious mind, trying to ratify the damage we take responsibility for. This hegemony of the mediocre and mundane. This ratifying of the sacred treatise that has swam through the centuries of our true connection to this living organism we call earth.  

I have taken too many hits from every angle in this life. All I have ever seen are humans who cannot take responsibility for their words, actions and intent. Yet through great adversity I still connect with the miraculous side of my nature and feel my experience making a difference in this world. I can smell it, taste it. I can see the portals connecting me to an understanding I have come to before this life. I am making my way through the dense haze of the material world onto this road less travelled.  I see humanity fracturing to let in more light onto this stained garden, where the rows of bloodstained ideals wither till they rot. So now we are going for the jugular of this fear beast. A long awaited journey into the realm of incoherent bliss. The frenzy is over. Time to uncover the missing piece of this human puzzle. FLIGHT.

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2015  

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