Monday, December 19, 2011


Artwork by Andrew A. Gonzales


She hides, not within my words, but within me
I could cry a billion tears for she has been hidden
From our reckless hearts. Oh Mother, thy sacredness
Has been kept safe within my heart, within my mind
You left a candle burning from the edge of time.
Now the dance begins, the primal, the blood of earth.

Man forms himself with broken images of the divine
His polymorphic veils hide the weak and slowly dying
I contemplate this madness, infusing it with innocence
In my life, my Sophianic life, death seems more pleasant
Now, than it has ever been. No more screaming, crying
No more sacrifice to hidden deities of lust and lustre.

The mirror is reflecting the sacredness of natures bliss
I will miss the quaint contusions of hiding in the dark
Waiting to be found in the isolation of the illuminated soul.
I will miss the benevolent concoctions firing up my soul.
For she hides no more from my wanton exasperations
Now my search is over, now I must prepare to breathe.

I am satiated with the mystical reverence I find in thee,
Now, even more, I am humble of the earths divine milk.
It nurtures me in giving the knowledge of which I seek.
The meek will abolish the reptilian mind into the ether
As it stagnates the human creative metaphor to evolve.
So I watch with distorted vision, the treacherous attack.

The bold and the wise have been infiltrated by treachery
Their deaths are forgotten the moment they are separated
From earth into caskets of wood coated with synthetic lacquer
They will forever be separated from the divine mother soul,
Their tormented souls will burn in the hell they helped to create
Their rotting corpses will spoil the earths sacred underbelly.

So, Mother, now we have found each other, stay within me,
Give me the strength, the understanding, the knowledge to be
A seer for truth and justice, a man with an enviable purpose
As I lay buried within your fertile soil, my words will free the soul
Giving each a glimpse of the wonderment you meant to my life
Giving each the knowledge to free themselves of this treachery.

Beautiful Sophia, as my words linger in the ears of the new warriors
Burn within their hearts to forge ahead and rid them of this madness
Burn a new fire, which tantalises and strengthens us to be brave
Walk in the darkness of spirit, the light will surely find your heartbeat
Offer hymns and prayers of sanctity in rejoice that we are together
Take us to the true Godhead, so we both find the original Eden.


© David O'Brien 2011

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