Sunday, December 18, 2011



You must TRUST that there will never be a moment when your enlightenment will not be validated. There will be times when your aloneness will blanket your sorrows which you have kept close, though never shared. These sorrows are beautiful glimpses into the amazing depths of your Divine Humanity. As your tears soak onto a landscape where the fallen have endeavoured to uncover a wonderment so benevolent that all other divine momentum seems futile. We are witnessing a 'moment in time' when mother (earth) and child (human) reunite for their journey home. The men who have nurtured this understanding deep within their psyche will be free to follow the women and children into the new epoch. 

The unholy & brutalised minds of the men who continue to perpetuate their death doctrines will perish, as their barbaric icons and documents are buried with them in the sacred tomb of the Divine Earth. There they will stay for 1000 years, as they destroy, with others of like mind , themselves over and over again. 

As the women dance their magik dances and the children play their magik games, we as holy men protect these sacred rituals. Guarding them from the 'predation' which seems to be present in the moment of magikal perception. 

Could there be an mechanism embedded within each sacred moment which is also its destruction? 

A mechanism so hidden, that we have no idea it even exists. Yet we are at the mercy of this chaotic pendulum. We anticipate the dangers from within. The urges to overpower and dominate the sacred. These urges manifest in the depths of our minds as we are now infected with many forms of deceptive subversion.

Our Sacredness has been infiltrated !

Our true nature has been disturbed in a perpetual inclusion of detriment. The light we each shine has been surrended to a 'Chaotic Collective Anomaly' whose continuous atrophy is becoming our reality. It is a dense matter to extrapolate this black goo from within out psyches. 


© David O'Brien 2011

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