Tuesday, January 3, 2012



We are finally here. We are embedded in a year that has had the most marketing capabilities of creating massive revenue to the Corporate Agenda in human history. We have, as a human collective imagination,  been affected by this date en masse since the integration of the Mayan Mythos into western culture. We do not know that the Mayan Council has stayed silent for 527 years up until 2010. Information regarding the 'Mayan Story' has filtered out ONLY through Academic circles and has gained momentum in a monumental way. Humanity has embraced this information with open arms, not by choice, but by design. This bank of unsolicited  information has the backing of corporate sources to expedite a continuum which has been fed into the human collective imagination since the invention of the Victim/Perpetrator paradigm through all Abrahamic Religions 2000 years ago..

Our minds dwell in a massive predation where we cant seem to eject ourselves from. WE know there is an unseen enemy but we can find them. We have embraced 'Political Correctness' as a new language, and now live under it cancerous spell. Through this portal of political mediocrity, we have now made GOD our enemy. The hybridised vicissitudes of Human life have now taken on a new and ignorant path. Directed by false prophets and seers, whose only declaration to existence is their psychopathic delight in watching millions of us deteriorate and die daily. This is their food. This is what they eat.

So you think your GOD is not capable of creating such atrocities as you continually blame humanity for these deeds. Always denying your GOD has anything to do with the actions of these 'Psychopaths'. You have been on this earth for such a moment, a moment where your divinity has been served to you in a polystyrene plate with Aspartame as the drug of choice. This disfigured symbology haunts your dreams.  Savages your family and friends to such an extent that you will create new personas to deal with it. So the 'Original You', lies in the back of your mind, saddened by what it sees but nevertheless still detached and full of apathy. You have given up your right to be Divinely Human and taken second best. As long as no harm comes to you or your family you do not have the impetus to be pro-active in creating the world the 'Original You' has suggested, time and time again. You sway in your deliberations of choice, you rely on brittle and stoic information to feed your soul. You wait for Prophets who sell millions of DVD's, parading their vacuous ideologies in front of you the way the rich tantalise you with their toys.   

Still, you cry yourself to sleep with a sadness that never seems to dissipate. It stays and haunts you in your slumber. Your children are taking on your fear as if they were theirs and theirs alone. You empty yourselves into these innocent minds as though you think it is your birthright to do so. You look for ways out of this madness but your pride will not let you leave. Your madness is becoming apparent even in close quarters. Your family, friends and close acquaintances are watching you crack open.... as this ever-evolving fear grows larger inside your heart and mind. You share it with no-one because you are the one who needs to be in control of your life. You don't want other people to think you are weak and frightened. But you are. In your own fragile way, you are. 

We all are.

But let's together IMAGINE a world
where everyone is loved,
everyone is fed,
everyone is creating
in the true Garden of Eden.  

Let this fear go 
It will thank you for its freedom
and you can thank it for yours.


© David O'Brien 2012

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