Sunday, January 22, 2012



It seems funny, having had many years of Fluffy Spiritualism (another damn 'ism'), that the overall population are still trapped within the 'Fear Matrix' and have found no way out. This, mind you, includes all of those fanatics in denial of this beautiful earth they are standing on, who still look to the skies for some sort of messianic saviour to take their role over of doing their part in this great journey we are facing at this moment in time. Still after digesting many fads and disciplines seemingly sent from above, that nothing really has happened for their lives to get better. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Like the 'Hippy Culture' of the sixties many of them are burnt out , but not for the lack of trying. 

So now, like before, these souls are caught in an inextricable* web of deceit. Now returning into the 'Fear Matrix', as there is no escape for them and are destined to replay old destructive behavioural patterns over & over again. Their days have become overwhelmed with finding ways of 'escapism'. A lot of these souls are now 'workshop junkies'. Spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each week to experience other perceptions and rituals into being freed from this deceptive mess. Their children are becoming more confused with the information being fed to them by these fanatics who believe whole heartedly they are marked for 'Enlightenment'. 

So where did they go wrong?

For thousands of years we have had our focus taken away from 'Mother Earth'. Our collective gaze been coerced to the skies for any sort of divine help. A mandate which the 'Powers That Were' extrapolated trillions & trillions of dollars from all of us over centuries to make into a illusory reality for all to exist in. So here we are. A 'Bubble of Fear' now surrounds the planet. Any external intervention has been locked out by our own doing because we did not believe in ourselves. Giving up our divine right to exist here on 'GAIA'. Not connecting to 'Mother Earth' and buying into false religious doctrine which vilifies anything feminine. The 'woman' has been turned into the 'whore' and men have bought into this hook, line & sinker. 

As we move to the 'Processional Equinox' on 12/21/2012, what exactly is going to happen? Well let me give you a slight indication. Men who still hold the ideal of 'woman are inferior' will start to implode. The 'Mother' is waking up. When she is fully awake, which will be sooner than later, those who have harmed her and who have followed the men who are raping her will feel her pain. Their insistency to hold onto these oppressive mindsets will be their downfall, nothing else. Their need to take responsibility for this should be the 'highest priority' at this moment in our evolution. There needs to be a balancing of 'feminine energy' in the patriarchal system. So now, because of mens refusal to address this balance, it is time for this balance to occur on a universal level. 

We are now being prepared to go on the 'Universal Stage' as a collective divine destiny. We are being primed to interact, on a universal level, and to fulfil our role within the Galactic Godhead. So guys, get prepared. This 'Divine Insurgence of Feminine Energy' will free you from this 'Fear Culture'. The one we have desired to disconnect from for thousands of years.....

Enjoy the ride..


© David O'Brien 2012

*in·ex·tri·ca·ble ( n- k str -k -b l, n k-str k -b l). adj. 1. a. So intricate or entangled as to make escape impossible: an inextricable maze; an inextricable web of deceit.

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