Saturday, February 11, 2012



To define my sense of reality is to live it
I am a part of this majestic renaissance
Heralding the change of earths new guard
No weaponry this time, no attachment to death
We come, we go. Only our intent stays behind
To catch the new version attached to your soul
Reminding of where you left this yourself.

Let's unwind this obsolete knowledge, materialism
Plant it to grow new knowledge, new flowers
Take the wisdom from our old benefactors
To help us do no wrong to this beautiful earth
As she weeps tears into his stagnant mythos
Unbind yourself from your doom to join her
As we take flight into the shambalic wind.

We are the ones we have been waiting for
Yes us, the eagles who fly above this earth
Protecting her from the foibles of mediocrity
Watching and waiting till our majestic descent
Uncovering the dark coating of inaccurate intent
Covering the hearts of Sophias blessed children
Who have been stripped of their sublime sanctity.

They have abandoned their roots of freedom
Tending to merciless idols who commit crimes
On the compassion and love of all who breathe
So as they rise from pain they are struck again
With the guilt and shame of their own alienation
They never see the retribution in their sinning
It lurks not in the heart but in the minds of men.

Our children are being emptied of their life-force
Left to stagnate in their desolate dying dreams
Call me into service; let my words heal their tears
Awaken the minds of men before it is too late,
Uncover the shrouds of secrecy they cling to,
But above all spare them before they all perish.
For they are guided by the hands of trickery.

Oh Goddess of Exuberant wisdom, light my way
Fill me with the essence of your natural auricity
Allow me to shine through the deception of time
Bind the overseers of perversity to their matrix
Allow not their unearthly intent to feed our children
But to banish all covert coercion into oblivion
Allow our freedom to coat the walls of history.

© David O'Brien 2012

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