Wednesday, January 25, 2012



There are certain topics that have fallen under the spell of 'political correctness' which have flourished in this toxic and vile construct. It has validated politics as the Realm of the Gods, and what's more, it has 'Psychopath' written all over it. When infantile and childish men and woman make decisions based from a indoctrinated psychosis, many thousands of men, women and children die daily as consequence, and continue to do so. We know now this consequence falls short of the present unified global governmental agenda, mainly under the guise of Foreign Policy, and what's more it stenches of EUGENICS. A de-population program which has gained massive momentum since the end of World War Two. 

A green light has been given to massacre, maim, kill and destroy humanity by deception. Implementing this destruction through legislation, laws and political insanity daily, as more and more of our so called leaders fall under the spell of 'diplomacy by death'. Now we have the pleasure to see the start of western civilization placing women at the helm of political death squads so that any atrocities cited will be their responsibility as well. The men have had enough limelight poured onto their coffers, and now its time to grandstand the 'whores of politics' as the witches of the modern day gulag. There is definitely something wrong with this picture. Sadistically wrong.

As certain high courts mount their cases against the latest 'rat pack' of rogue politicians whose decisions have added to the continuum of illegitimate Foreign Policy war machines, again maiming and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent indigenous people of some of the oldest civilizations here on earth, all in the name of politics. We again see what happens when humanity is given the concept of imperfection in the external sense by people who create the mediocrity you breathe daily. These insidious decisions has left the secret boardroom meetings of warmongers and now legitimises itself in houses of parliament, globally. What makes it more fascinating is that youtubing the latest atrocities in the Middle East, you can see these children being carried away by their fathers and uncles with the sides of their faces blown off by a bullet with 'Made in the USA' written all over it. 

So now the next phase of legitimacy is raising its ugly and devilish head. The new death squads of NATO are now roaming the streets of the Levant*, killing men women and children randomly, because the wearers of this ambiguous uniform are doped up to the hilt on psychotics, ready to shoot at anything that moves. All created in the labs of the World Health Organisation, the same place where they invent these toxic mercurial concoctions they call vaccines which kill millions of our children annually, or turn them into autistic zombies. 

I know some of you who read this will blow this off as a 'Propaganda Piece' because you have been silenced by your own fear, then move on to your nightly dose of 'Reality Shows'. But let me seed a little thought in your damaged minds. Your true potential is to not let this go on. Yet you don't see it. You find ways to hide yourself away from this madness from moment to moment.... don't worry you're next. Because this is the hell you allow to manifest here on this beautiful planet. This is what you have allowed to perpetuate because of your insistency in believing you are free. This is the promised land you've created. This is the 'garden of eden' you have helped create by your apathy. 

I used to feel compassion and empathy for you, but now as I write this trash which should never have been written, I hold in my heart only the hope for those who have been proactive in preventing this evil. Praying to the 'Divine Earth' to keep them safe until all those who have done nothing perish. And perish they will. Not by the hand of your murderous gods, but by the hand of each others blindness. As I step over your rotting carcasses and take the keys to your house and car so finally I can have a roof over my head, and a decent car to drive, your memory will fade faster than I can use the resources which blinded you. Then if someone knocks at the door of the house I open with your keys, I will let them in, feed them, nurture them and continue to take responsibility for their well being. I will give them your car, maybe let them have your house. As I go from street to street, house to house in desolate neighbourhoods empty of apathetic fools, I will endeavour to fill these houses with the homeless you spat at, the poor you shunned, the children that were bashed by the bullies you turned your children into. 

Only then can we rest. Only then can those of us who have taken the beatings from the religions you've created and the poisoned politics you've validated because of your disrespect for humanity , only then will we truly do what you could never do. Respect and love our humanity.... and it will flow onto mother earth and cover your disrespect of her with new blossoms which will be forever cared for.
*The lands in the eastern Mediterranean, covering Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq.

STAY SACRED if you dare.

© David O'Brien 2012

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