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Much information has surfaced regarding the human dilemma and our integral journey from the far reaches of the universe. There are many celestial and extra-terrestrial presences here, and have been for centuries coercing our evolution into abandoning fear and exposing the tyranny and tyrants who have embellished their control over the human race. Unfortunately we have a paradoxical obstruction which nine tenths of the populations are ignorant to the inter-dimensionality of this predicament. Ignorance is a bliss we can't afford anymore as a collective consciousness. We must endeavour to infiltrate the constricted mass mind and impregnate it with the truth. We must implement a clear indictment that we will take responsibility of each other that all go through to this next stage of human evolution. Without this mandate humanity will not be fully conscious. There will always be an underlying sub terrain of secrets and covert manipulation against the human population, primarily aimed at keeping each of us in a two dimensional matrix, cutting us off from our divine destiny as a collective mind.

The framework of this vexative dissatisfaction has created junk food for the demagogues.  Not being satisfied with the spoils of power, the Oligarchs or ruling class has created a desire to rid all others out of the bloodlines a poor and destitute life subservient to them until we perish. Creating slaves in laboratories without the intervention of the human celestial mandate. As the dimensional veils thin out to expose those who have preyed on our every move throughout history, many will be compelled to own up to their insidious and heinous crimes. Coming to terms with the process of past-life review when leaving this earth. A proponent of our pre-death biological technology of being human.  A hell for which many will relive till the end of time as they experience the pain and torture of each individual who has perished due to their deceit. Many unconventional historians need to move on into the theory that humanity is being demonized by an inter dimensional power whose mandate is to keep humanity in a constant and perpetuate state of disarray.

Science will never agree to such a preposterous accusation, purely because science is one of the mechanisms, which have been infiltrated to stagnate the journey of humanity. Politics, education, academia and other elements of quasi-historical illusions have all been penetrated with deceit and treachery. We as men are allowing this to distract us from our true uniqueness. We are paying the price for this servitude. This ethereal castration of man beyond the boundaries of our own cognitive existence. So we meander through our lives trying to imagine our own sanctity when every word of knowledge regarding our spiritual and divine origins has been confiscated from us like naughty schoolchildren who have misbehaved.  

The unprepared and unnatural leaves our intuitive nature disillusioned. We enter this naturic realm of sanctity in spirit through vortices laced with universal authenticity. We need no validation being here on this planet. We are not here to be scrutinized and pulverized with mediocrity in the form of theocratic pursuits. There is no underlying godhead other than the originator of soul. But there is something here waiting to enslave us. Having no perennial authorization from our spiritual source. It lurks on the peripheral of cosmic sanctification, with weapons created by its logistical free will to bear arms against the spirit molecule. It is a hostile agent rebelling against the sacredness of this living planet and all who inhabit her.

Searchers for lost knowledge will endeavour to reach a pinnacle of understanding in underpinning earths historic record with the true creation mythos. Misinformation in its abundance has been let loose on humanity to shield us from the true creation story of our existence. It does not matter how the information has been leaked into the mass collective mindset. What matters is that disinformation is still being used to keep humanity away from its true origins. Scholars in all genres of mythology will endeavour to give us glimpses into our beginnings, but few will extract the pure truth and be willing to release it in its entirety.  

In many tribal cultures throughout the world the storyteller hold important information regarding the time-lines of the tribe itself. Information has been passed to them from elder to elder to sanctify and sustain all levels of understanding and enable a safe and secure path into the future for all who dwell within the tribe. Most, if not all earth dwellers have a fundamental right to true and exact information of their creation story. Excepting for western civilization, most other civilizations have been comfortable in their understanding of their true origins. Western information tends to be in contention about the authenticity of its beginnings. Most religious perceptions regarding human design are derogatory to the divine feminine aspect, giving most of the credibility to some off planet male superior being who is intolerant to its creation. 

Regardless of how systemic the infiltration of a patriarchal creator has been implemented into the historical record, religious or otherwise, it is preposterous to even contemplate to negate the feminine aspect out of our creation story. No record of any organic male evolved creation other than external material inorganic matter has been recorded in the history of the planet. So why, in the advent of Abrahamic religions are we suppose to not use our ability to critically analyse in observing and deciphering these patriarchal dominated myths and seeing them for what they truly are?  A lie so massive that a huge percentage of the population of this planet has been indoctrinated to believe this preposterous collaboration with mediocrity!  Temporary obstructions injected into the mass consciousness to momentarily sidetrack humanity from its true path. I suppose we need to ask ourselves about the apathy in accepting these antiquated belief systems being fed to humanities compassionate heart. We must at all costs uncover our true creation story and integrate it into our daily lives. We must balance the patriarchal dominance with the true story of the Goddess Sophia and her fall from the Pleromic Realm to experience her sanctification and union with her creation. Humanity. We must interact with her and put ourselves back on our true path of enlightenment, disregarding all patriarchal stereotypical godheads and the victim-perpetrator paradigm in which they rule.

It is now we are seeding the soul to transcend itself. We are feeding it a human experience which when integrated will sanctify our mother who dwells in this universe to acknowledge her freedom through humanity. She has bought us with her, leaving the sanctity of the Pleromic Realm to share in the true wonderment of her universal creation. The Gods & Goddesses of the Divine Creation blessed us the moment we were conceived. Our mandate overwhelms all other universal entities of what we are about to do. No other time has a species had such a pivotal role in universal consciousness.  There are no demands on those who seek the truth other than the lie they believe. So where do we go to seek this truth out. When suspicion has seeped into our collective intellect. Is there a trust we have been kept from on this planet?  As we infect our hearts and minds our journey becomes heavier and heavier with the burden of survival. We give up our right to play in this wondrous garden and learn to tolerate the lie and live alongside it, watching the damage it causes to our planet and each other. But in the quiet of our loneliness we become the heroes we know we truly are.

I hear the ground grow tired of apathy. I see a clear pain emanating from Our Goddess's heart. I do, in my own special way to correct this imbalance we as men have created. I enter the feminine realm with distortion and reverence. I too have legacies that I toil with daily. I have a mind which is vulnerable to this patriarchal wake of death. The more understanding reaches for me to cure this catastrophe, the more I cry. I cry for you and me, in an empathically sombre frame of mind. That we have come to this point in time where we have sighted the beast and now we must visit the caves to daydream about our own private ‘Utopia’. We've helped create the beast, now we have to take responsibility for its return to its inter-dimensional prison. We must not look up anymore. We must look to Sophia/Gaian wisdom as though it has never left the planet. In our remarkable toleration, due to our collective compassion and empathy, we were separated from a divine desire we possess. Yet all are under fire from worlds beyond ours. We must, in order to live harmoniously, acknowledge that the patriarchal matrix has no place in human evolution due to ineffectual nurturing capabilities. 

The contemplation of any conflict within the human mind needs to be implanted into the human collective as its true potential indicates perfect balance. The physical body is guided by the spirit, an etheric presence existing within each of us, a map, a guide, a song which sings it praises to the Divine methodology as it balances this cruel and unjustifiable attack primarily directed at the Divine power of the Earth herself in co-creating this paradise with humanity. All who wish to harm her are not human. As we hurriedly search for the cure to this almost clandestine level of destruction, we need to understand there is an abundance of nurturing there if we are willing to connect to its source.

Now, as the Akashic Library opens, the lost knowledge will be transparent to all of us. We can feed from its nurturing tales of our sacred union as we interact and learn her enlightening doctrine. We can once again join the dance of life as it were intended. Tending the resignation of surrender to her non-judgemental and inspirational creations. Laying to rest this techno-manifestation, which plagues humanity and leads us away from our Divine Contentment. 

We must again resume our co-creation and proceed unabated in delivering this planet to the true source. 

STAY SACRED .......if you DARE! 

an excerpt form 'All the Men Come out to Play' 
© Copyright David O'Brien 2012

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