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When all is done and dusted with what this 'Ascension' entails, would you have used your time wisely? This is the question we are all asking ourselves. Am I doing what needs to be done? Am I firmly planted in the reality of this monumental transition, or am I merely a product of the phantasy that humanity has lost itself in? I say 'Phantasy' because the Virtual Reality world your gods dwell in is actually called 'PHANTASIA'. Yes, this is its name, where the Abrahamic Father gods were spawned. As Moses perilously trekked to the top of Sinai to meet his maker, he was deceived. From out of the clouds came an optical illusion, a virtual reality experience. A synthesis of his own interpretation of who 'GOD ' was. What I'm really saying is that he believed his own bullshit, then manifested it. His misogynistic indoctrination had paid off well, and as the leader of his misogynistic tribe he led them to their misogynistic paradise. Here we still are today. Laden with misogynists in the guise of CEO's, politicians, leaders, clergy... Well you know who you are!

In fact the whole corporatocracy structure is a festering playground of misogynistic phalluses, trying to impregnate the Divine Mother with its toxic sperm. What's more disgusting is that these men of corporate valour are sealing their death warrants with the meek who will inherit their playground, and the ratio of a million to one ensures their bones will be scraped of their flesh of the like of which happened in Alexandria to Hypatia in 415 CE. The last of the pagan Noblewomen who was a great seer in the Great Library of Alexandria. The day of her death was the day the 'Dark Ages' began. Her flesh was scraped off her bones by a frenzied christian mob of workers who were encouraged by a Christian Zealot named Peter the Reader. A part of a secret society of misogynists, 'women haters' if you please.

The level of 'PREDATION' which infests this planet today is due cause for some natural catastrophic event to pull them into line. Or eradicate their sorry asses forever. Either, either, it wouldn't be too soon. In fact my father is one of these predators. After being sodomised in India as a young man by groups of priests at a Catholic College just outside New Delhi.... Kings College, Meerut to be precise, his destiny had been ungraciously rammed in his ass. So what was to become of this tortured young man? Well I will gladly tell you.

On his arrival to Australia in 1953 he met my mother. She was an unassuming young 23 year old Australian girl who had no idea what was about to transpire. They had 4 children, consecutive years, she was a good catholic breeder. No sooner did the fourth child pop out, well three months after, than they abandoned their children. Leaving their modest dwelling and going in the opposite direction as each other. The mother NEVER returned. The father returned later as the children grew up in these barbaric institutions. They were in Catholic Orphanages and he was their only legal guardian. Continual adoption efforts led to no avail and his signature was needed for that to happen. He wanted to prey on his siblings, and this he did for many years. He wasn't about to give up the right to destroy our lives, as well as the countless other children he physically and sexually abused. I would go so far as to say hundreds of children fell prey to his sexual deviancy spawned in that Catholic College in India.

To cut a long story short, well as short as I possibly can to make my point, I have just spent the last five years in my home town trying to get him imprisoned, for life. He is still offending, I feel it, I sense it, I know it. After a 5 year Royal Commission, Police agencies and hundreds of hours of myself and my siblings time, retelling our sad stories to countless government officials in order for this to happen, myself and my youngest sister were led into the Attorney Generals Office for our last interview. Oh, I must mention that my father didn't stop sodomising my older brother from the age of 5 till he was 36.. he is now 56. So there we were in this government office. The Attorney General by the way was a born again Christian and continually berated all involved with the commission in the media from its inception until its conclusion. Labelling us as liars, weak and not worthy of the public monies that funded the commission. He is a misogynist, and so are all his cronies. If I saw them hanging in the streets by their feeble necks I don't feel I would bother conjuring up some benign emotion to notice them. I would just walk by, unaffected.

So, back to the office. The players were the Attorney Generals Chief Legal Council (25 year old girl fresh out of law school). The Police Paedophile Task Force chief woman officer. A 22 year old (fresh out of nappies) counsellor who was there in case we needed a shoulder to cry on. She turned out to be as useless as the institution which taught her. A stenographer (you know how the government likes to waste paper..poor trees) and myself, 54 and my younger sister 52. We had waited 40 years for this moment, for some sort of closure to the pain we all had suffered at the hand of this maniac. The conversation started. We were told that conclusive to all our testimonies they would not be pursuing the charges with my father. My sister stood up abruptly and called them all 'fucking cunts' before she stormed out, which left me alone with these morons. The counsellor child started to get up and I told her not to bother, that she would probably never return if she even approached my sister. She took my offer and sat down.

I told them that they were a part of a system which gives the hierarchy the right to abuse who the fuck they want. I told them that they wouldn't hear the last of me, in fact that I would take this experience to the world and never stop talking about it. I told them I would gather like-minded people and together we would destroy this vile system once and for all. That I can guaranteed them.

So now, my dear friends and I are at the precipice, about to fly into the belly of the beast, then rip its tortured heart out. Oculus Radio will be one of the guided swords created by the Divine Mother which will create the initial incisions for the beast to die, finally after 2000 years of death sprees. We will position ourselves outside the beasts enclosure and extract as many souls as we can to be with us in our journey onto the Universal Stage. We hope you can come too.


© David O'Brien 2012

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