Tuesday, October 1, 2013


During the course of ones lifetime, we utilise the knowledge we have learnt from those around us who have opened our minds to information which enhances our spectrum of understanding. Each day this knowledge influences our decision making in everything we do, say and think. With the family dynamic in severe tatters, it is hard to rely on this bank of knowledge within the subconscious to maintain a steady and sturdy direction as we mosey on our paths of destiny. Our stumbling through this difficult time has a awkwardness of unknowing to it, as we become observers of cataclysmic and catastrophic bliss. The turbulent balance of this moment leaves one tired and empty by the end of each day. Yet we still wake each morning to another round of extreme understanding. We have been preparing for this moment for many lifetimes, and now that it is here the consolidation needed to remain sane whilst each occurrence stirs up doom and gloom is nothing more than miraculous.

Information is a strange bedfellow. It urges one to uplift themselves to a higher level of awareness but still creates expectations of anything more than apocalyptic. We ride this wave with a stamina not known of the human anthropos since the dawn of time. This concept of the 'Human Collective Imagination' has some merit when truly understanding its contemporary function as we connect with each other through compassion and empathy. There are now millions of truly awake humans energising this 'Collective Imagination' moment by moment. We are allowed at this time to create a world free of Fear. Every experience within the realm of Fear has allowed us to discard it from our own individual psyches, in turn we add our story to the great library of human existence. But what lurks behind the veil of deception keeps trying to seed our imaginations with its unimpressive agenda. It's tragic and traumatic need to usurp human evolution for its bitter and twisted end.  

The fantasy which has infiltrated our egoic minds has no right to be there, but it is. Allowing us to create synthetic personas to energise and engage others who do the same. It has layered itself over our true identity in such away that it is almost impossible to detect. But bathing in reverent exploits such as synchronicity and intuition we unmask this mediocre agenda and see it for what it truly is. A cry for validation from a time and space beyond this moment. A reaching out from another species of intellect whose only level of acknowledgement is so conflicting with ours that our blending of the two minds will inevitability end in the total destruction of both sources of life. It creates its destructive portals through levels of power on this planet such as religion, politics and anything to do with power. It disguises itself intuitively into everything you desire. It interbreeds with your dreams, salivates at seduction and rapes all creative inspiration. We cohabitate with this ethereal force with each breath, and yes, we allow it to infiltrate our sacredness. 

What is it ? you may ask. Well I cannot tell you. You have to find out for yourself. But I can tell you this. IT is why we live in fear of our greatness. IT is what we die aimlessly for. IT is what we contaminate our preciousness with. IT defines the moment of our true heroism and turns them into shallow and dubious acts of cowardliness. IT wants you to embrace its mediocrity and embellish in its  blasphemic altruism. IT will keep you away from your defining moment of enlightenment. I will give you a hint though...... Let's call it 'BRAND X'

Its labyrinth of deceit replicates desire the same way a robot would show love. It hides in the CGI (computer generated graphics) of our reality. The illusion of its existence is probably the greatest dilemma of our time. It has taken me 56 years to define IT. 

Now let's see how long it takes YOU to find 'IT'.

STAY SACRED.......if you dare!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2013

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