Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Some aspiring spiritualists have noted that each of us have embedded within our physical bodies, luminous cords of light reaching far out into the galactic core. These golden tendrils are systematically receiving and transmitting information of some exotic significance. As we concur with this current existence, most people have no need nor desire to allow this ethereal function to interweave in our daily lives. Eastern philosophical spiritualism with it magical references that each human archetype is a direct reflection of our creator source seems to be of no significance in our current state of awareness. Whether you shun these beliefs there is something magical about each and everyone of us. Existing on some peripheral dimension, this magic has almost become a belligerent parasite which deserves none of our energy at all. 

Our masks we wear daily fluctuate in a tormented reverence, almost defying our true source and true power. One could say the memories we hold onto alleviates any notion that our true strength is always out of reach. Some of us embellish in realizations only limited in the parameters we are allow to exist. Our own subconscious has basically taken us prisoner. The limited information regarding the technology of our psyche has been suppressed for a very good reason. Each persona we create to deal with life''s traumas has not been allowed the reverence of being properly relinquished from deep within our minds. So for each and everyone of us there are multiple if not scores of peripherated entities, half concocted and still manifesting in some way or another. 

The traumatized child lurks within each adult, creating disturbances periodically when confronting situations arise. A reactive and conflicting child unable to find resolve, trapped within the distorted psyche in this atmosphere of a fear based society. Whether we admit it or not, we are all far from connecting to our true rights of passage. The accumulation of distortion we allow to penetrate our minds moment to moment has rendered us in allowing mediocre perceptions of ourselves to coexist with a significant potential we rarely seek. Seldom do we connect to our greatness, seldom do we attain a connection to the super-conscious mind with which we are all connected. Instead we calibrate our insignificant lives to meet with the demands of an external threat which we cannot see, cannot define and cannot overcome. 

These contextual subordinations are our gift to this reality. In the giving of this lesser manifestation of ourselves we help shape this mediocre visualization of what this life has to offer. There is no doubt that the human is under severe attack from more than just corporations and secret societies which are self proclaimed enemies of human evolution.  We are under attack from the deceit and treachery of things unseen and hidden from our current reality. We need, as a collective, to define these subversive coercions and infiltrate the realms of activity which serves to harm each and every one of us. 

Many of us have began this journey thirty or more years ago. The journey up until now has allowed us to elevate our own consciousness to an extent where we are more than ready for this battle of the unseen. Whichever weapon you choose for this battle you need to also have defined the intent of your role. So as we tread with caution into 2014, enrich your understanding regarding the trust you have in yourself, and prepare for the fight for your mind from those who think it is theirs to plagiarize. Welcome to 2014.

STAY SACRED.........if you dare!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

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