Thursday, August 21, 2014



Has it ever occurred to you that of the amount of information you ingest, is funnelling your intent to the Collective Cohesion with truth as its guiding force. It may take few or several decades of your life to align yourself with this peripheral momentum. In order to deter parasitical invasion of your consciousness it is better for you to comply than to chose the path of intense resistance. A path rich in imagination and potentiality oozing from the soul and spirit plexus. These two components of our nature have indeed been severed. Kept apart from the complimentary and archetypical powers we do possess as humans. In keeping the most potent or master energies apart there will no doubt be a partitioning of our local and universal skeleton. Make no bones about that. 

It is in this separation which we seem more vulnerable. In this low light where we see the frays of such monumental sadness placating our successes into shaping our realty into something other which leaves us breathless. We push ardently into each moment as the juggernaut of fear pushes even harder. There are pockets in our evolution where the pain has overemphasised itself into a travesty of guilt and mediocre flagellation for centuries to come. For what we have been denied in the lies of this current historical record is allowing the collective healing process to resume through our compassion and empathy. We have been turned off on multiple levels. Almost made redundant as our true destiny slips by us while we mop up the tears of deception and trickery. 

I'm beginning to piece together the immense collateral damage which has befallen ourselves and our forefathers. A looming presence of harm and danger in the abyss where the Abrahamic Gods loom. In the darkness of day , in the light of night these demons push their despotic chaos further and further into our dimensional habitats. All that is born from this decay is more decay for us to purify.. As we each possess an inane ability to transmute this dense manipulation of trauma into beauty and creativity without batting an eyelid. Some of us have suffered so much that we act out the transmutational process of this black innocuous goo which seems to be some inter-dimensional vaccine created to call on us to identify the source of this genetic traveller. 

In this unmiraculous two dimensional world which is bursting for validation, we know it is not of us that implores us to participate in this distorted, immoral, sadistic, sacrificial routine of mediocrity. While the bloodlines of aristocracy await their seductive ceremonies into the seals and logos of demonic possession, unable to withdraw once the childs blood has touched their lips. It as if they never existed, a continual loom of possession to infuse this futile existence. So weak and misery are the ones who need to deprive others of abundance. Their lives are shallow and weak, but nevertheless recorded as a log book of how to destroy human intent. Their castles, chateaus and manor houses hold screams of hereditary brutality. Their chatter is laced with the nightmares they must endure for all time. 

In segregating themselves from humanity other than to permeate lies and revel in the debauchery which seems normal obligatory behaviour. This clandestine takeover of humanity has only held on because of others wealth that was stolen in their wars. Their futile agenda of continually attacking the human collective spirit. It is now suffering the resistance humanity has endured for centuries. It is now seeing the practical assets of the human collective reestablishing our divine connection with one another. Those of us who have spent decades in sacrificing this outdated virtual reality for one that is beneficial to all. Those of us who go into the darkness to bind its benign and bloodthirsty impetus once the the stain has been felt within.

In killing the connection to the land they kill the collective soul. In cultivating fear they kill our collective spirit. So in order to dissolve the 'Soul Memory Virus' where once we connected to the soul line of our universal journey, we take up our rightful positions in the extermination of this humanaphobic parasite. Whether through the means of potential or pain or because it is part of our process to align ourselves with the truth, and whatever divine guidance we receive or seek. The only deception you need to emulate is that you are being deceived. In your sacredness if your willing, you will come face to face with preemptive cognition from the language of the soul to the spirit to the mind. Remembering that the mind has been infected with imperfection, and we are surely adding to this illusion in some way. 

Stay Sacred..........if you dare!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

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