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Let it be known that since the dawn of time, the heavens have held a seductive beckoning for all. In fact 90 percent of humanity spends its time wafting up into the clouds for some unbeknownst solitude. The pureness of spirit which each of us possess has no reason to go to uncharted territory. Especially when so much sacred information has been stolen from public discourse by these insidious Abrahamic Religions. Allowing your consciousness to drift upwards is a risky trip these days folks. Humanity is only now starting to grapple with the true origins our species. Not the mediocre whitewash written by the victors. We can only allow our individual bank of knowledge to guide us though through collective naivety we have allowed and have energised a bubble of fear which surrounds the planet at the present time. We have embraced fear as if it were and always was an integral part of human makeup.

In a time of irresponsibility and secrecy by monotheistic religions, governments and corporations who show NO reverence for the divine human, we needs to fuel our societies with self responsibility in everything we do. I'm not saying this to preach, I'm saying it because when done so it does not allow guilt, shame or self doubt to creep in to our consciousness. It acts as a shield to all of these lower base emotional tweaks which destabilise us. And as we have learnt from secrecy, it perpetrates a slow kill effect on each and every one of us during the course of our lives. Rendering us useless in any effect in rebuilding the bridges which have been demolished by the deceit and treachery of the patriarchal illusion. Binding us to energise their mediocre agenda because important legacies of humanity have been kept for those whose psychopathic minds have disconnected themselves from the Collective Imagination of beauty and love. 

In energising the antithesis we allow ourselves to take responsibility for the karmic reflux which is a major component of 'Involuntary Servitude'. Humanities descent into global slavery. A concept we are all familiar with at this point of our evolution. As a collective species we are not supposed to be in this situation at this point of time. A Golden Age is upon us and as we struggle to lift our selves from this madness each day the sparkle we held so dear for many years is seemingly losing its cherished momentum. Our dispassionate nature is a result of being poisoned with mediocrity and self hatred which will assure our disconnection to the global psyche and abandoned all who refuse to maintain its connection. Yet the maintenance manuals we have for survival are inadequate, written by disconnected quasi-spiritualists who have shied away from the true battle of our collective sanity and drifted into the uncharted heavens when the true predators of humanity exist. These spiritual clowns have been given information to bamboozle all of us and add to the stupidity of our species which affects each of us on a daily basis. It is a Global Pandemic!

By allowing ourselves to be mesmerised by the unknown, the uncharted, the hidden we disengage from our natural processes which allow us to evolve in our natural state. The fool and magician create illusions for us to replicate. Unfortunately many of the essential components of the illusion are hidden away or stolen so that we misunderstand the machinations of our own divinity. Yet we give of ourselves daily to these illusory gods and demons so that our true essence becomes repugnant to even our own destiny. This monumental sadness which has engulfed our collective psyche disconnects us from the unconditional love we are here to experience. It rapes our souls from moment to moment because we fuel existential agendas other than our own. We feed from this quasi-patriarchal establishment of mediocre ideologies which have been designed to destroy our true potential as a species. We hide behind malignant personas we create to handle this cruel illusion which we have entered. 

The current psychopathic patriarchal establishment is here not as a result of our misgivings towards our fellow humans. It is here because it owns the current reality and we are caught up in its treachery. By no means is it nurturing, nor does it have the capacity for unconditionality. It relies of our servitude towards it through fear and self loathing. It feeds on the chaos it creates in each moment. Yet most of us feel paralysed to do anything about it, we feel it is too overwhelming and acts as a giant vacuum the way it invades our sacred space. We consume fear more than anything else on this planet, we allow it to enter us because we have not disengaged from its deception. We have been indoctrinated to do nothing less. With that ancient adage of 'As above so below' do we redress the balance in our daily lives as to what we have given to it and what we have accepted from it. How much of ourselves do we imprint our reality with? Or are we just a collage of what we accept from this distorted reality.? 

Seems to me that we owe it to the collective imagination to feed ourselves into it rather than retract energy from it. In our quest for unconditional giving we allow ourselves to offer others to replicate the same. For those of us who replicate taking, something this current establishments has perfected, we hoard posthumous energies from past ages which we energise to infect our current reality. We keep timelines open which will inevitably destroy our true essence of giving, unconditionally. We become so engulfed with our accolades and hoard our material gifts so close that anything of universal value doesn't get a look in. We validate our egoic greatness to those who do the same. Allowing us never to connect with the ones who have important information for us regarding our true destiny. We become obese with consuming other destinies that our own takes multiple lifetimes to achieve. 

Each generation transcends our apathy and sheds the old information bringing in new information needed to peel the layers of this illusory conformity. It is all part of a universal process of elimination. Just look at the human body and its physiological functions. We forget to eliminate certain things from our lives thus allowing them to manifest in secrecy and finally circumnavigating us to our demise. The exercise machine you bought online, its now in the trash. The information you took responsibility for from a quasi-enlightened individual claiming to have received it from a higher source. Lying redundant in your mind because you have not moved it on nor had closure with it. Well I don't want to bust your bubble but it is still in your subconscious mind, buried deep within so that any real information that may come your way will be identified as drivel.  The symbolic messages you have been receiving from your deep mind have been neglected because you've swallowed too much deception. 

Our deep mind is a river my friends. It needs to be flowing at all times. We ingest so much mediocrity into our conscious mind that it dams up the subconscious. Filling our hearts with black goo and slowly turning us into machines. The transhumanism movement has gained so much momentum because we have no reference point of what it is to be human. It has replaced our ability to be an individual tree in the forest but also be connect to all trees. It is the result of being cut off, severed from our hearts because we take in so much trash and own it. Instead of giving of ourselves to heal the wounded collective soul. We are indeed at the precipice of a new species, but they will be malevolent in nature as they already are now. They will show you evil as you have never seen it before. They will imprison all who feel, love and give of themselves eventually, for that is their agenda. But it is their agenda....not ours. 

We need to detach ourselves from this monstrous evil one at a time and become the observer of it. We need to ground ourselves deep within the earth before we go sailing out into the heavens. We need to to resurrect the foundations of cultures whose stories have these components of the connection to Mother Earth imbedded in them. Only then do we stand a chance against this cyborgic illusion of the demise of humanity. It is not that it will happen, for there are no matches in this universal construct to match the will and destiny of the human anthropos. But the masters of deception and illusion who have a beef with humanity will suck you into their virtual reality and you will be lost forever. And so many of us are signing up for this slaughter as we speak. So many are relinquishing from the greatest battle the universe has witnessed. So many are giving up our power. 

I hope you're not one of them. 

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

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