Wednesday, March 12, 2014



In this theoretical assimilation into humanity's transparency paradigm within the current consciousness, we leave behind decades of useless rhetorical propaganda regurgitated with mediocre intent of turning each and everyone of  us into a mindless automated clone to serve our current mediocratic masters, all for the sake that their path to enlightenment is theirs and theirs alone. You see, each and everyone of our current masters, whomever they might be, are waging war on everyone outside their circle. A small contentious circle nevertheless. This circle of self professed Ambassadors of God who believe they are the rightful heirs to this planet and it's evolution. An evolution which has been documented for millions of years. If not by pens, by the ridges in rock, rungs in the trees, and the evolution of unseen natural forces documenting our existence that we are yet to discover. 

As all wars throughout the centuries have been a predominant source of eugenics, of looting cultural antiquity, this inner circle have and are destroying and stealing documented evidence pertaining to humanity's spiritual and collective evolution. A beautiful history drenched in a magical mythological story. As of post WW2 the machine of destruction has amplified its intent and most of all has come out of hiding. This step is brave, however psychopathic they may be. You can liken it to a politician taking a massive snort of cocaine and delivering a major speech (full of lies) to their constituents. Unbeknownst to them of their deceit and quasi-bravado induced by the drug of power itself. The gravity of the political agenda on this planet is about to hit pandemic proportions, and 2014 is not only the tipping point but the eruption of something humanity has never witnessed before. 

The 'Collective Imagination' is a weapon of the mass consciousness rarely witnessed by those who feed and draw from its truths. Since the gradual awareness of each and every one of us is ripening,  we are taking back our lives, our responsibility has opened itself to a global level. The knowledge we ingest filters through our minds and with the help of the sub-consciousness peels away the lies, leaving the truth to participate in our individual evolution. For nearly three decades now, the Internet has played a major role in the awakening of our collective consciousness. It pertains to the manifestation of an external representation of the 'Ákashic Records'.  This parallel is often missed in the interpretation of why the Internet is even here for all to use. Mankind, during the last two centuries has been eager to give birth to something which connects each and everyone of us in some way or another. 

With the destabilization of global societies to fit the coming New World Order Agenda, this uncomfortable ride has given humans a new lease of life. It has wedged them out of their numbness created by this material revolution conjured up by the powers that be and into creating an awareness within each individuals psyche to be almost like a secret agent. Going about their own business but having a tool of mammoth proportions to feed off of. But most fear they are biting the fruit of the forbidden apple. Information privy to top level security clearance personal is now within everyones reach. As we each insatiably glutton ourselves with terabytes of stored information we inevitably are inducing some form of metamorphosis which will take us through this hidden membrane of knowledge and change our lives forever for better or for worse. 

What kind of mind has the ability to churn through this slush of gnosis and create some sort of logic reasoning which will point us to our yellow brick road, our true destiny. We are fast tracking our individual enlightenment as to what is really going on on this planet in this very moment.  But how big a moment do you want to encapsulate? How ready are you for coming face to face with the prophetical beast? How much time can you give to this enormous task? It has been thirty years of extreme ratification for me. Not infusing myself into this industrial slavery revolution which has incarcerated billions of souls into its toxic bowel has been a task within itself. As years go by you connect into another stream of energy which exists parallel to this enslavement. Something that was here before this debauchery began. One beckons to identify this freedom of the soul/spirit whilst inside the matrix of slavery. It is impossible to do. One has to unplug the tendrils of this madness prior to even acknowledging something other than this reality exists. 

Yet each and everyone of us has the potential to unhook these tentacles of madness, in allowing ourselves to even create a space in time to witness this energy and interplay with it. It is often perceived in my reality that one becomes invisible to those who are caught up in their own enslavement by proxy. Yet other times when interacting with humans who are caught up in this quasi-evolutionary hoax they become so demonically intoxicated because they are unable to put you in a box. This can lead to interesting and sometimes hazardous moments trying to disconnect individuals if they aren't ready to trust themselves and take that leap of faith that there is something other than slavery to connect to on this planet. As years go by one doesn't consciously go out of their way to attempt to do this by individual  disconnection. A proponent of trusting oneself is to become triologically vulnerable. That is to say to empty oneself of any expectations one has to any systemic involvement on all three levels. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. As one achieves this disconnection, this expectation, this polymorphic delusion of reality, something else beyond our understanding will make contact with you. 

Starting from the higher dimensional realm to the release of the entrapment of time itself. There are no gurus, mentors of sponsors. There is just you and the space you take up in that moment. An avatar vying for external validation from within yourself. A created persona crying out for recognition and demanding a humane interpretation to die. This existence we inhabit momentarily is here because within it lies torture, bloodthirsty multi-dimensional predators waiting to devour your spirit, your soul, your mind, your body, your experiences, but most of all your LOVE. Nothing like this moment has ever taken place in this universe before, and nothing will ever again. It is a time when the Queens will choose their Kings to battle these demons. They have called you here and you have accepted the greatest pilgrimage of any of the souls inhabiting the universe at this moment in time. 

Are you up for the challenge?

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

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