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When was the last time you did something for yourself? Whole heartedly for yourself? I know, its becoming a rare occurrence to have time in your mind dedicated to something which makes you truly happy and contented. Well get used to it because what is going on inside your mind is merely the tip of the iceberg. It's going to get awfully congested in there if you don't start sorting out what exactly exists within your own mind. Pre- internet seemed to be a relatively peaceful existence for most, but with the huge download of information accessible to all it seems a lot of us have lost the plot as to who we really are and what we really want in life. 

It is a great challenge to be alive in this time, let alone accommodating the information paradigm which is with us in this very moment. So how do we integrate our own consciousness into this hyper fed brain of global intelligence? Without the fear of losing our minds. Well lets look at the mind construct for a moment. Research which was carried out by covert intelligence agencies indicate that the mind is very similar to the Rubiks Cube. In fact Scientists from the MK Ultra Programme likened the mind to a 13 x 13 Rubiks Cube. Insinuating that each human has the potential to house 196 different alter personalities. Each with their own compartment to house their identifiable personality traits. 

Within the confines of these insidious laboratories, millions of children were subjected to torturous experiments to deal with low to extreme levels of torture. The agenda was to find the portal into the higher realms of consciousness. Purely because these treacherous heinous people don't have access to higher dimensional consciousness because of their evil intent. So these are the rules of engagement people. These black budgets which have bottomed out post WW2 have become so huge that to enslave the whole human race, which is their agenda, seems to be a multi-trillion dollar industry which runs behind the scenes of all our daily lives. Strange isn't it that there is such an horrific agenda driven by psychopathic narcissists in all arenas, corporate/religious/political etc. 

Do we ever ask ourselves where is the source of this insanity, the moment, the decision to take on such a huge undertaking such as global enslavement of a planetary inhabitants. Well lets try and put some pieces of history together to make sense of this chaos. Forget contemporary history, it is just regurgitated propaganda spewed out by global control think tanks to pacify the population till their agenda is reached.  Early gnostic information revealed of an inter-dimensional threat on humanity in the guise of mind parasites which are capable of seeding the mind with thoughts that are not original but coercions to infiltrate the individual to take responsibility of an alternative intent. The penultimate prize for the mindseeders is that the mind to not allow compassion or empathy to be present therefore rendering the personas into a psychopathic psychosis. Most if not all involved in all facets of religion/corporatocracy/politics have fallen under this spell. The next phase of this agenda is "Transhumanism'. 

The Roman Catholic Church which has its headquarters in the Vatican is ground zero for this heinous quasi evolutionary step for humanity. There is no other organisation in the history of humanity which so much blood on their hands. We know the 'Beast of the Sea' is the political arm of Catholicism,  in fact Politics itself is an invention of this establishment, as well as most other religious denominations. Contemporary figures  regarding political killings since post WW2 is 200,000,000. Two hundred million people my friends, which have been exterminated for political agendas in a 70 year period. I perceive that to be a conservative estimate as well. 

So lets take a look inside the Vatican for a moment. On an opposite side of St. Peters Square we have the headquarters of the Jesuits, run by the 'Black Pope'. This organisation are responsible for creating chaos. Divide and Conquer is their motto, and they do it well. They start wars and finance both sides all for the sake of chaos and profit. Of course they have their own agencies for financial distribution such as the banking fraternity. You'll find many politicians have been Jesuit trained, and if you have ever researched this organisation no one gets out alive. They run the mafias, drug trade, pedophile rings, child trafficking, sex slave industry. In fact most of the ideas for crimes against humanity have come out of one of their think tanks. Their anti-christ prophecy is still being manifested today with the building of the new Temple of Solomon in Israel. It  will house their one world religion. 

One of the main reasons for events such as the 'Inquisition' and the 'Dark Ages' was to eradicate all traces of this gnostic information from the public record and discourse. The reason why the Great Library of Alexandria was burnt to the ground was to eradicate this information regarding this inter-dimensional predator referred to by the old Gnostics (Telestai) as the 'Archons'. These cyborgic creatures were present in this local galaxy when humanity was seeded onto this planet. The event which tainted them with our divinity caused them to proclaim themselves as the Abrahamic Gods. I will not go into too much detail because it is up to each and everyone of us to research this information to gain clarity on the 'Archontic Agenda'. There is more than enough information circulating throughout the internet for you to come to some conclusion regarding these 4th dimensional parasites. Some may know them as the Annunaki, but I do want to stress one point. The tales of humanity being tweaked by these entities regarding our DNA are false. Humanity has a divine agenda which has been coded into our DNA from source itself. No one in the universe has the ability to counteract that agenda, and all attempts have failed. If you believe that this is false then you are tainted with the illusion that afflicts many. 

Many of you who read this information for the first time will shy away from it. It is too big for you to handle in your lives right now. But let me tell you that there are millions of people who have been researching this information for decades are aware of how this systemic human abuse perpetrates our Collective Consciousness. Many of you will go through such an awakening of your own consciousness that everything you were ever told was a lie. But rest assured that deep within you lies the spark of the divine. For the last 2000 years  there has been an all out war on the 'Divine Feminine' which dwells within each and everyone of us. You can see it playing out in all facets of your lives, no one can escape it. The ones who are heeding this calling will stand as reference points for all of us to want better for our own lives and the lives of all of natures children. There is so much fear being manifested each second of our lives that it should spark that connection to the divine agenda we hold and realise we have come to this planet to stop this de-evolution of our species. We are 'System Busters' who have volunteered to be apart of this global renaissance. I leave it up to you to search within yourself for there lies the 'Spark of the Divine Warrior'. 

STAY SACRED.......if you dare !!!!!!!

© Copyright David O'Brien 2014

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